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i have money problems in this game i cant afford anything and i need to get braclets for my class ca

ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46

i am a storm demon (spell caster) i cant get money to buy braclets or clothes can any 1 help me out oh yh i still have the first clothes when you first join the clan can any 1 help me with money money problem and i am opening chi 3 deos any 1 have advice to get money?


  • aZn-XaZn-X Member Posts: 17
    the only way u can make $ is finding weapons and sell it to other players for a good price. other than that, u can hunt and earn $ slowly.. really really slow...

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  • GnazonGnazon Member Posts: 442
    I agree with previous poster, players are the key to making money in this game. Weapons, fir seeds, blood essence, elixirs etc all sell at great value to other players. Just set up a stall in a village (or Hefei preferably), or just announce what you have for sale. It is not that hard to make money in 9D once you learn to think out of the box of other mmorpgs. Good luck!


  • NajtroNajtro Member Posts: 54


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  • silly2k2silly2k2 Member Posts: 63
    until RC6 / 7 you are as quick selling all your stuff to the store.  Sadly bracers drop quite rarely compared to other wpns,  so that will dent your pocket a little.  Don't worry about clothes yet, as soon as you get RC9 ish weapons will start to sell for 9k each to the store / 18 - 20k to players, and that will soon get your gold reserves up.  The only thing you really need to buy in 9D (in your case) till you have a nice cash reserve is bracers.  Save for bracers :D  teh money!! save teh money!! :P  and once again only ever buy them from players.   Pre RC9 you should not be paying more than 15k for a weapon.


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