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nice game

i think this is a nice game but why not so many people???


  • the_chosen_1the_chosen_1 Member Posts: 33

    well u r right there are not many ppl but if u played Knight online u will realise it is better with less ppl

    but actually it is not enough att all wat the MG's should do is only have 1 server but the thing is if the y close 1 server

    the ppl will complain and not play annmore coz thair caracter got deleted and they cant move them 2 the other server coz on a hill is maybe a camp and on the other game there is a camp too  it is really stupid but u know. But it may gets more ppl more after a while a also only started playing 2day but its fun really.

    so keep on playing

  • army213army213 Member Posts: 2
    well, RYL is a kinda dying, people dun know what they miss, i think it was and will be the best game online :o.
  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    ryl uw only has 1 server what do you mean close down 1 server??? hahaha people really need to pay more attention to what game they are posting about, far too many idiotic posts by game sites and posters link every ryl to each other its like saying guildwars is part of autoassault because they are made by the same company. even though both are hosted diffrently lol has 1 server last i heard was having issues or shut down. is stupid and their staff suck only server i have ever had a 1000 ping on C_C even playing on a server in korea!? is gone.

    ryl.indo is i think alive i havent heard anything on in along time might be dead for all i know is alive cause they get the patches first or  so people claim its either kr or .tw one of the two

    i think thats it for the legal game providers its extreamly hard to read game sites with %#$%#$%#$%# #$  type of text lol i havent install kanji characters to my browser haah

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  • ospapospap Member Posts: 15
    yes..tis games is job is mage..haha
  • dmitri84dmitri84 Member UncommonPosts: 670

    one of the best free mmorpgs. :)

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