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everyone who has an opinion on rs post it here

blah40000blah40000 Member Posts: 138
I know this is basically going to be all out war. thats why I'm making this its for my entertainment its funny watching other people going back and forth saying this sucks and another says this is great and on and on and on and on.

by the end of ww3 either japan, china, russia, america, or canada will rule the world

(go japan)


  • grenades69grenades69 Member Posts: 88
    "by the end of ww3 either japan, china, russia, america, or canada will rule the world

    (go japan)"

    If there was a world war 3 then trust me there wouldn't be any full countries left. I know it's nothing to do with runescape but I just felt I should tell you.
  • blah40000blah40000 Member Posts: 138
    I know that butt what I'm saying is that there will be a ww3 and that one of them will rule whats left now please keep on topic
  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Originally posted by caszie
    i am willing to sell my runescape account for runescape money

    He didn't waste any time, did he? You can't make a thread on a non-Jagex forum without getting spammed by a thousand little kids trying to sell their accounts or items. It's part of the reason the game isn't doing better than it is. The community is, for the most part, absolute trash.

  • havenonamehavenoname Member Posts: 3
    I will say that Runescape once was a good game to play, but now its not worth your time. I dont play the game anymore but I do read the forums and updates just to see whats new... Its the same crap every month, but worst... The range skill STILL hasnt had a "good" update, customer support still doesnt exist, macros still roam free... You get the point. Its really funny reading the Runescape forum, same old rants. I'm willing to bet Jagex sets back in a chair somewhere laughing... The thing that makes me really mad is all the well thought out ideas they get from players in the "suggestion" forum, and you never see ANY of them in the game.

    This game has gone so far down, I wouldnt really be that surprised if a "nosepicking" skill comes out or something similar. Runescape is turning into a CARTOON, and Jagex is the one laughing. Runescape has to be the only game out there where a maxed out ranger cant kill the other classes...
  • necrotherionnecrotherion Member Posts: 130
    runescape is absolute shit i played for about 2 days and got so tired of it, the graphics are crap, I don't care how you want to justify it (java blah blah balh) the point is they are CRAP, so is audio, so is the combat system.

    If you want a [more] rewarding MMORPG experience, save up some money, buy WoW or FFXI. If you haven't played any RPGs before runescape, you'll be blown away. If you have...why are you playing runescape, again?

    my point: worst MMORPG i have ever played. MapleStory and SWG included.

    P.S. (Japan and Canada? Oooookay there )
  • Razputin50Razputin50 Member Posts: 4

    Everyone on runescape is pretty angry for some reason. The Jagex people have the worst rules and a even worse chat filter. All that stuff aside if the game had better graphics and better quests (those Jagex peoples are getting the most random ideas now) a lot more people would play, but still a dumb and repetitive game.

  • lordlesterlordlester Member Posts: 3
    Ok so frist off im a old vet from this game and you know  i think the 2d version was better then this crappy 3d shit so BRING BACK 2D!
  • aceisking12aceisking12 Member Posts: 2

    sorry to tell you this dued but my computer is as slow as hell and cant run games with good grafics but i still hate it because it favors the members so much that me a lvl 64 free player can get killed by a member who cant even find where the hell he is. stupid noobs.

  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    runescape was pretty good about a year ago. but now n00bs runs da game. everyone is power lving and auto mining.. Also the skills need a face lift. same with the graphics.


  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86

    ++++++ Oh the best thing about the game is service. The mods are good. wen u forget password its easy to get bak. and its mostly f2p


  • avrillavigneavrillavigne Member Posts: 1

    theres a lot of things 2 do on f2p but theres LOADS 2 do on p2p eg. more skills, more quests. im not a member but this game is still kool. its boring being a low level. if u have a low level lvl account then give me ur username and password and i'll get ur level up. i give the overall rationg of 9.5

  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

    All it needs is new 3D graphics, upgraded combat (especially ranged and melee), and WASD controls

    then i would be hooked forever

    *prays for runescape 3*

  • DuraheLLDuraheLL Member Posts: 2,951
    Originally posted by WoWpwnsRS

    RS blows.
    so does ur stupid account name

    $OE lies list
    And I don't want to hear anything about "I don't believe in vampires" because *I* don't believe in vampires, but I believe in my own two eyes, and what *I* saw is ******* vampires! "

  • blah40000blah40000 Member Posts: 138
    Originally posted by DuraheLL

    Originally posted by WoWpwnsRS

    RS blows.
    so does ur stupid account name

    he's got you there.

    no flaiming please
  • NohaiNohai Member Posts: 17
    I'm sorry this has nothing to do with the subject but... what does "OP" mean next to your name when you post a thread?  
  • KaabulkKaabulk Member Posts: 670
    Originally posted by pk3rpure

    ++++++ Oh the best thing about the game is service. The mods are good. wen u forget password its easy to get bak. and its mostly f2p


    Right...Worst customer support of any game. I had a lvl 92 accoutn with 99 wc and 1392 total level and he got hacked(not a key logger im sure raned a virus scan after the hack and didnt find any, bet it was a web browser hack) and lost it and tried all I could to recover it and connacted customer support many times and they reply with the same old stupid auto reply answer that doesnt make any sense to what im talking about. Why didn't they just check the I.P address history to see that im the real owner instead of filling out all those reocvery questions that took alot of my time away...I answered all of them. Their customer support is absolute bullshit. JaGex is raned by dickheads.

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