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wats new on runescape?

anthonyss4anthonyss4 Member Posts: 8
i know this website has an update column but i wanna know what signifigant changes occured in players own words so plese help me catch up on all i missed from june up to now thanks



  • the_chosen_1the_chosen_1 Member Posts: 33

    there is a new skill called hunter skill and it SUCKS i tell u something ....................

    never ever play this game again it is a pile of sh*t.

    play conquerer or anything else but dont u dare play this game i still dont get why so many ppl play it there is nothing good just BORING

  • anthonyss4anthonyss4 Member Posts: 8
    sorry dude i played again and well.......................................  i luv it


  • MerchofdeathMerchofdeath Member Posts: 12

    As soon as you get hacked pow!!!!! you will hate it.  


    This bad


                                                                                                                                Or Maybe Not


  • CubbycatCubbycat Member Posts: 39

    hunter does not suck.

    Anyway, here's a bunch of new things:

    1) As said before, Hunter came out. With this P2P skill you can track and trap. You can make deadfalls and use falcons to catch quick prey. Several different items can be obtained that benefit other skills and parts of the game. Examples are the gloves of silence, which make pickpocketing much easier, and the spotted capes, which make u lighter when worn.

    2) Several new quests. Since June at least 10 more P2P quests have been realeased. I won't go into setail on any of these though.

    3) Barbarian Assault. This is a new P2P minigame found near the Barbarian Outpost. Though I havn't found myself liking it very much. MANY players love it.

    4) Graphical Updates. Jagex has started a long term project of graghically updating the game. Right now they're only working on monsters. So far these monsters have been updated (sorry if i can't remember all of them): bears, giant rats, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, mummies, bats (and giant bats), spiders, sheep, and imps.

    I can't remember anything else real major, but there have been plenty of other small updates. Including tons of bug fixes.

  • grenades69grenades69 Member Posts: 88
    Originally posted by Merchofdeath

    As soon as you get hacked pow!!!!! you will hate it.  
    This bad
                                                                                                                                Or Maybe Not
    Or you could just not give out your password and refrain from visiting websites with the clear aim of taking your account details. I played runescape for years and was never hacked.
  • anthonyss4anthonyss4 Member Posts: 8

    thanks for posting those of u who actualy gave me information

    anyway i played the game again and i loved it u can see my sig i didn't get my stats up that high but ill get there


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