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Best F2P RPGs?

ANIM4ANIM4 Member Posts: 5
Give me a few F2P titles that are really good...  (NO SILK ROAD! >:0)

wow im so cool



  • 19jake9319jake93 Member Posts: 1
    There's loads out there, try guild wars or (even though i dispise it) runescape. If not you could try maplestory, conquer online or mythwar online, they are all also free to download. But you could just have a look through the game list and see if theres any you like.
  • drkalliancedrkalliance Member Posts: 25
    ya in my opinion try GuildWars...but if you dont really wanna could always play the free online games...
  • ANIM4ANIM4 Member Posts: 5
    F2P = free to play... i asked for the best free to play games in your opinion.

    wow im so cool

  • andymakandymak Member Posts: 2
       I have played a host of pay 2 play games and just about everyone of them has had a certain level of polish that I haven't found in the f2p games out there at the moment, HOWEVER I have been extremely impressed with 9dragons from persistant worlds,(not sure what the deal is between persistant world or aclaim) addictive with a unique combination of leveling and skill choice for character development. Interesting enough quests as well with good variety. Hope that helps
  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,120
    i totally agree that 9dragons is a good mmo, i got hooked for 18+ hours, and now that persistent worlds is shutting down due to lack of funding? ACCLAIM has made their servers for 9dragons and will continue it, the only downside to it is you have to start fresh and grind all over again which is something i cant invest my time on now, but still a great game none the less...
  • Tomislucky7Tomislucky7 Member UncommonPosts: 31
    9dragons was OK. not the greatest tho.

    I recommend Space Cowboy. One of the most different and most-addicting MMORPG to me. Its got flying, spaceship fighting, great drop rates, missions that will add to 1/2 of your experience to your next level, nation wars, lots of players, the works of a great f2p mmo.

    I got addicted to it easily when i 1st started playing it. Only reason is because it was so different than any other game ive played before, and trust me i know my mmo's like no other :P.

    Grinding in this game isnt your old ordinary click and watch you attack. This one is click, hold, aim, kill :P. kinda reminds me of the RYL type grinding. Click to swing your weapon not to move :P.

    That also brings up another all time favorite. RYL2: Incomplete union. That is a completely free version of RYL and its really good. I got to level 50 on it but then the experience kinda died on me after a bit. The game overall though was fascinating, like no other (just like space cowboy ^_^).

    Anyways i will recommend you 2 games:

    Space Cowboy

    RYL2: Incomplete Union
  • JaydeadJaydead Member Posts: 1

    Tantra (

    Hero Online



  • carpsycocarpsyco Member Posts: 95


    Guild wars is a F2P game, you only pay once no 15$ a month to play.

    Originally posted by ANIM4

    F2P = free to play... i asked for the best free to play games in your opinion.
    Awesome Free Trading Card Game!

  • ANIM4ANIM4 Member Posts: 5
    Originally posted by carpsyco

    Guild wars is a F2P game, you only pay once no 15$ a month to play.
    Originally posted by ANIM4

    F2P = free to play... i asked for the best free to play games in your opinion.
    That's the problem. I don't want to pay for ANYTHING. "You only pay once." It's not F2P.

    wow im so cool

  • player321player321 Member Posts: 28
  • Mr.Man_7Mr.Man_7 Member Posts: 224
    Originally posted by 19jake93

    There's loads out there, try guild wars or (even though i dispise it) runescape. If not you could try maplestory, conquer online or mythwar online, they are all also free to download. But you could just have a look through the game list and see if theres any you like.

    He said a few good F2P games..



    EDIT: Thsoe saying Guild Wars...ITS NOT FREE... IDIOTS

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  • player321player321 Member Posts: 28
  • ManngoreManngore Member Posts: 5

    I had pondered this also, and began searching the net for totally free mmo's. The problem i found was that many were obviosly foreign( korean) and to me were hard to understand. Not to mention graphics are sketchy or plain old horrible,or if graphics are good there was some catch.There are many free games , but good luck finding a quality game that you will truly enjoy. Not to mention the free games almost always have some membership that gives u better armor or acess to different , often cooler content, and they almost always have some online store that sells uber weapons or items, for real cash via credit card. The better the graphics the more useless a free account is.   They gotta make their money somehow.

    My point is there is no truly free online game thats totally awsome. And to enjoy most of them, you are gonna have to buy something.

  • kamigtokamigto Member Posts: 11

    There's plenty just go to Game List on this site......

    Name a few favourites


    Scions of Fate

    Silkroad Online


    on the subject of Guild Wars it is a pretty good game and is worth buying


  • taktaktaktak Member Posts: 3
    GuildWars if you dont mind paying the retail fee. If you dont want to pay like 40-50$ go paly maple or Runescape (retarted).
  • IllegalGamerIllegalGamer Member Posts: 5

    Why not stop reading my signature and move on?

  • LuiSSimoLuiSSimo Member Posts: 1
    Rakion, best online game, f2p
  • april12april12 Member Posts: 8

    ANIM4 - why don't u like Silkroad?

    I've been trying everything lately and I found a few f2p's that were interesting in one way or another. Silkroad is one of them.

    Since I'm not into PVP or fetish sluts (I'm a girl, not enough testosterone), my choices might be quite different from the other players'. I'm into crafting, making money, raising pets, and a nice storyline. Here's my favs:

    (Note: the best thing about the following three is all three can run at the same time on my machine. I can have afk stalls on two games earning money while actually playing on the third. I like 2 multi-task)

    Silkroad (Fav)

    pros: great guides/wikis on the internet 2 explain everything, beautiful scenery, nice music/sound effects, lots of end game players (which are selling for lots on ebay), fun to witness PVP, interesting economy, grey wolf pet evolves & fights w/ character, bots leave money and vendor trash everywhere (more $ 4 me), no lag, some nice English speakers out there

    cons: no real story I could find, poorly translated quests, bad noobie intro, can only get on between 5pm and 5am EST (servers are full otherwise - luckily that's when I like to play), lots of rage/venting and non English in the global channel, lots of grinding, bots litter every landscape

    Lost Chaos (Runner up)

    pros: helpful, fun English-speaking community, active GMs, unique pet system (can receive at level one, they buff ur char instead of fighting, they can aggro and die, they grow to be mounts), nice crafting options, quests are well translated, fun mini-games, guardian system in which  new players can choose to be matched with experienced players who would hopefully provide answers and encouragement

    cons: not really any character creation choices, not really any noobie intro at all, poor guides on the internet (sufficient, but poor), no real end-game content that I'm aware of other than an impossible to kill dragon or two, way too much grinding. way, way to much grinding.

    DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online (3rd fav)

    pros: nice options with character creation, interesting storyline with cut scenes, good noobie intro, everything is well translated, level fairly quickly,  variety of quests (none of the kill 100000 bears), crafting, pets, interesting job variety, weird & unique relationship system I haven't figured out yet (u r matched with a lover based on birthday), graphics are just too cute, characters can be eventually be reborn - retaining their skills from former life  - and level up again

    cons: graphics are just too cute (imagine beating to death a fluffy pink animal for a pupu bone. Literally. Burning Crusade may have made WOW Disneyish, but DOMO is Strawberry Shortcakeish/Smurfish/Fisher Priceish. Luckily I'm a girl and have dealt with such *#&@ b4), quest givers don't have any indicator marks above their heads - u have 2 talk to all NPCs to find quests.

    Other Games That Were OK But I Didn't Get Into

    Runescape, Dofus, Maple Story, Dungeon Runners, Espado Granada, Shaiya

    Other Games I HATED

    Rappelz, Perfect World, Flyff


    Anyways, that's my 2 cents. I'm still trying things out. U have to kiss a lot of frogs. Good luck in everyone's search

  • RaegarRaegar Member Posts: 3

    If you get your hands on a friend key for far the best F2P mmo

    the end

  • herman285herman285 Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I will say the Best RPG would be 12 SKY.  Here is the link:

    It is really fun. It not very grindy because you level up really fast. I am currently about 40+ in just one week. There are alot of nice killing and gore. Heads get chopped off and such from monster. PVP are the best. This gameplay is very similar to diablo II. Very fast monster killing just like diablo II. Many of the time, I can do 1 vs 30 mobs of mosnter.


  • pk-Slaydepk-Slayde Member Posts: 43

    if you r 2 p00I2 2 p4y 4 online f33Z then don't pl4y video games

  • revolution73revolution73 Member Posts: 62

    First of all.  For an mmo, Guild wars is more of a f2p game than most, though technicly it is inbetween.  For a good f2p mmo, I wil tell you now.  It does not exist.  Not one that can stay good at least.  The only f2p mmo I have not played is all 2d mmos and  holic online and fiesta online  (I gave up by then).  Most f2p mmos are known for there "asian grind fest" or there lack of options to do.  The few games that could be good make you pay for there good options.  Guildwars really is the only nongrind f2p mmo out there but because of its game style it lacks the massive part of an mmo. 

    The only mmo I have liked for the least amout of grind is Domo (actually has a few non grind quest).  Aeria is known for good graphics and few bugs.  Unforunatly, this game is the only one they put child like graphics on and  all of there games with the "cool" graphics are extream grinders.  Also, though aeria is known for keeping up patches and having few hackers.  They almost never add somthing new to there games (Domo said they will get new races...  and a year later we are still w8ing) and they love puting items in there item mall that give a huge advantage to the paying players.  Sry, but as of yet they havnt made a nongrind f2p mmo. 

    P.S.  Many people have found perfect world and runes of magic to put there hopes in.  While they are better than many other f2p mmos.  There best features cost money.  Such as dying armor, or making new clothes.

  • RictisRictis Member UncommonPosts: 1,300
    Originally posted by ANIM4

    Give me a few F2P titles that are really good...  (NO SILK ROAD! >:0)


    Ive tried over 25 F2P games and they all sucked, I currently play Warhammer and its alot of fun, i reccomend you pick it up.


    Now I did find two F2P games that are alot of fun, and offer alot for being F2P.  One is Shaiya backed by Aeria or something like that (same people who produced Last Chaos).

    Second game I played and had alot of fun with was sort of a RTS RPS style MMORPG. Its called Atlantica.  Its alot of fun but can feel like a grind sometimes. 

    Look them up at the least, if you get some cash though i def reccomend WAR.

  • banshe13banshe13 Member CommonPosts: 200

    if you wait a month the open beta for runes of magic will open it will be is vary nice if not the best F2P there is you could  almost charge to play it duel class    player houseing    pvp that server vs server  or guild vs guild BG type areas and more

  • ZodiaEclipseZodiaEclipse Member Posts: 100

    I just started playing Requiem, it's a surprisingly complete feeling f2p and nothing like the korean clones that are flowing onto the internet everyday. The quests fit the story and kinda keep you moving forward and there are some nice features like nightmare mode where from 11pm until 2am game time all the really creepy monsters get to come out and play.

    I haven't made it outta the newbie area yet (only level 14) but so far I was actually impressed with it's qualitiy over most of the f2p I've tried.

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