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i got into the heavly demon clan the quest to get in was hard did anybody find it hard?

ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
i had problems on this but i finaly done it and it took me 2 days lol did anybody else find it hard?


  • GozmoGozmo Member Posts: 16

    The quest to get into the Heavenly Demon clan is so hard. I can kill all 3 stones within the time limit but how do u get back to the lady and finish the quest within that time? I am unable to complete it.

  • GlassHammer8GlassHammer8 Member Posts: 23
    I leveled up severly and I also swiched from using fist to a saber. I got back wiht 7 secs to spare. The next ones easier all you have to do is kill 10 of thoes big tattooed guys in like 10 minutes. 
  • DraqDraq Member Posts: 297
    I found it hard to repeat what the npc said. Never even got to the actual quest.
  • GlassHammer8GlassHammer8 Member Posts: 23
    Ok I just became a demon acolyte. Yeah I found the bloodhorn quest hard. I got really frustrated when I kept failing and had to walk all the way back to the quest's starting point.
  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486
    The last quest before u can Heavenly Demon is TERRIBLE, especially that guy who stood and ruined all my kills by throwing fireballs on them. THe other quests was relatively easy, the greavestone quest required a bit of farming to be able to tho.



  • wishbone10wishbone10 Member Posts: 36
    Yes i have another character and he is in the heavenly demon clan and i seriously was about to just throw the computer out the window i was so pissed off i couldent get it


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  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46

    but it is worth it the skills you can learn in the clan is aswome and the armor you can wear i also got a headache on the bloodhorn quest who ever made that quest is EVIL EVIL I TELL YOU but keep on trying it is dam worth it dont you agree?


  • GnazonGnazon Member Posts: 442
    When do you get to join? I am Gathering Chi 1, and have done all the quests I could in the starting area (including the tombstones and the giants) - and still no membership now I am unsure of what to do next.


  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
    you have to be gathering chi 8 to do the misson to join the clan you have to do 2 quests which are both annoying espicaly the last quest as i said before who ever made that quest is EVIL EVIL I SAY!
  • zanadazanada Member Posts: 48
    Well its an evil clan so everything evens out :)
  • GnazonGnazon Member Posts: 442
    Wow, I finally beat the entrance quest. I have tried like 5 different clans now and I have to say that comparing to other clans the entrance quests (especially the final one) are INSANE, I actually leveled up to GC2 (26) in order to beat it... and it was not easy. Respect to everyone in that clan!


  • EmmirEmmir Member UncommonPosts: 4
    It's simple enough, if you've done it several times. Even if it's your first run through it. Personally, HD has it easy on leveling early on. Everything's set up nicely as far as leveling goes. None of the quests are significantly hard.
  • doomer229doomer229 Member Posts: 3
    u r insan that qest is imposible extreamly hard but i got through is affter thinking about throwin my computer into the street about 8 times
  • ragelionragelion Member Posts: 46
    i felt like smashing the keyborad but in the end it was worth it i think HD is the best clan and i am a storm demon what clan job did you pick plus the clothes in that clan is aswome who agrees with me
  • nitebladeniteblade Member Posts: 44
    lol, they only accept the best gotta love a good challenge.  If you like that you'll love being HD, very kool clan.  After my main, I am starting farming alts WT or maybe Shaolin and then LoB
  • aZn-XaZn-X Member Posts: 17
    its impossible to finish it by urself. it starts when ur oc8 but u cant possibily beat it if ur oc8, and u need lots of people dere to do it and not to mention a high lvl that can buff u =D. other than that, doing it all by urself on oc8 is crazy, ur pc will really end up in the streets

    "Living To Die"

  • JadarJadar Member Posts: 300

    It can be beat solo, but it comes down to luck and a willingness to take advantage of other's ignorance. The lowest level I've managed to finish was GC 11. If your stats are correctly laid out and you train saber, it could be done at a lower level, maybe. It is a hard quest, even when you know how to do it.


  • KongoILKongoIL Member Posts: 25
    People are talking about the chimera quest not the 3 grave stones.

    Anyway, Chimera's quest is pretty easy, you just gotta hit only the regular ones, bloodhorned chimera, ones.

    Its just that getting into the clan is hard cause Heavenly Demon is the funnest clan as I see it ;)
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