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Pointless Grinding.

Hitash_LevatHitash_Levat Member Posts: 43
Ok, I have a lvl 97 char so im not just trying to flame the game or anything.  Been playing some WoW and i logged back into rs and to my dismay...  my char was still as boring as before i logged out.  I got my dad into this game about a year ago... and now he has a 121 char.  The grinding that he has to do for 1 str lvl is rediculous.   And thats only a str lvl.  I quit.  and prolly wont play again.  Just cause of that.  I would like to know that what im working for is actually worth it.  and not another pointless grind. Ive killed almost every creature in the game.  Got 5 left.  and am not willing to do it.  the 3 daggonoth kings the kelp queen and the 702.   I know i could do most of them but I dont see the point.  This game was good when it was New.  but all the changes have made it damp.  and lacking.  The best part of the game was when you could fight people anywhere.  And they ditched that.  so Peace out to the community that sucked. 
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