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I frequent a couple of um... "questionable" sites occastionally to satisfy my... um.. "man needs".    One of these sites allows anyone to leave comments on the videos.   Rarely is there any reason to leave a comment and if you do you basically do it anonomously, entering your own "nick name" each time you post a comment.   99 percent of the comments on such sites are just mindless jibberish (kind of like the WoW forums here ... j/k!)

 I went and left a comment on one of these videos.   And they BANNED ME!   (not from the site but from making any more comments)

Now my question:   No sign up, no log on... how are they banning me?   IP address?   Cookies?   I deleted Cookies and all history in both my firefox and ie 7.   I unplugged my modem for 5 minutes hoping to reset my ip address.     Mind you I'm not asking this because I absolutely must be able to comment on these raunchy mostly tasteless videos.   I'm just really curious how they know its me when I access the site (since there is no 'sign up' of any kind).

Would unplugging my modem for a longer period reset my ip address?




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