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People are copying the wrong part of WoW

the thing truly different WoW has is the interface customization.

Games like D&D are slapping in PvP, these new games should try copying WoW's interface customization.  I mean really, what's the ONE thing WoW has that no other game does?  It's interface.

I heard Asheron's call had something like that too, but it looked so stupid complicated when I looked at some file, crazy numbers looked arbitrarily thrown about in the ascii file.  I learned a lot of programming while playing WoW, so much that I am currently getting paid to program at work now, i better make something soon to make it worth thier while though or it won't last long hehe

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if I were to kill a titan tomorrow and no CCP employees showed up to say grats I would petition it.
Waiting for: the next MMO that lets me make this macro
if hp < 30 then CastSpell("heal") SpellTargetUnit("player") else CastSpell("smite") end


  • motasheronmotasheron Member UncommonPosts: 16

    The best part about MMORPGs is the customization of your character so you can "Role Play". I am too angry about all of the games that are copying everything bad about WOW.

    P.S. Asheron's Call 2 was really bad. Most people get Asheron's Call one ( a very good game ) with Asheron's Call 2 (a really bad game) mixed up. AC1/AC2 didn't have very much customization with the interface, but AC1 made up for it by making everyone's character different with a very good random item generator.

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