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Looking for some advice on my new video card.

Like title says have been told many things from all my friends and some computer guy at my work. Well I am wondering between the 7900 gs the 7900 gt or the gtx and then the 7950 gt. I am not really looking too much into the new 8 series. I just need to get this last part and my sons computer will be done but I am not sure whats like the best bang for the buck really. Like I am not trying to spoil him so not going to just by the most expansive but i want him to be able to enjoy games online with me. Games he plays right now is mainly battlefield 2142 I want a card that would run the game very smooth for him possible on either like medium or high settings also me and him are planning to start playing vanguard so which of the cards would be best there too thanks for any help/ advice can give. Oh and also would perfer if didn't have to order online since would like him to have his computer buy the first or second of next month I don't mind paying the little extra at like a local computer store.


  • mozismozis Member Posts: 436
    Get the boy his 7900GT, I have the 7600GT and it runs BF2142 almost perfectly. Throw the 7900 in and you are good to go, awesome card and from what I have seen not ridiculously priced either.


  • dsorrentdsorrent Member CommonPosts: 1,627

    I'd say go with the 7950 GT because the price between that and the 7900GT is negligible (~$30) and the 7950 is clocked higher than the 7900. As for the 7900 GTX cards, I believe, they are still over the $400 mark and with DirectX 10 around the corner, you're better off saving the extra $200 you'd drop on the GTX card and putting it toward a DX10 card when they come out.

  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130
    512mb 7950gt.. If you get the eVGA version of that card you can use it to trade up to a 8xxx series card within 90 days if you want.

    As someone else said the difference in price from that card to a 7900 is not really that much.

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  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994
    Is this info on the EVGA website?  Would I be able to order from newegg and take advantage of this?   Was thinking about getting the 7950 and if you could do an upgrade deal to an 8xxx series in 90 days that would be cool.
  • PunkMonkPunkMonk Member Posts: 483
    I would say to wait until February when all the Vista and other new junk come out. Lots of new things will be appearing and because of the new stuff, they might lower the price on the 8800GTX.



  • mozismozis Member Posts: 436
    If your kid still wants to play BF2142 then don't get a DX10 card, if you want to be stuck with the "Games for Microsoft" titles that will be coming out for Vista then be my guest. DX10 is NOT and I repeat NOT backwards compatable with DX9 games.


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