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stop bitching about EVE-Online ffs

erinyserinys Member UncommonPosts: 395

eve-online is a VERY good game, the pvp part is the best most other games will not even come close to (daoc a close second but completely different in setup)

even their PVE rocks, there are tons of people i know who play eve-online that do nothing else but MINE, run traderoutes, hunt pirates, kill complex bosses, complex missions etc etc etc..

YES, eve-online pve doesnt look anything like your ordinary "kill 2 scrubs and loot their penises" but its still very solid PVE for a lot of people.

EVE-online deserved all of the awards it was given easily, MAYBE except best pve, imho EQ2 is better in pve then EVE-Online.. but then again, there is SO much more about EVE then online low-sec space.


NO i dont play eve-online, but i played ALL competitors for an extansive time.


  • UmbroodUmbrood Member UncommonPosts: 1,809

    I am, as many it seems, confused by the results of this years readers choice.

    I play EVE from time to time, I voted it best PvP and allthough I did not vote it I migth understand why it would get best game, because it is a very good game, certainly up top.

    But PvE, Story, Graphics?

    Really, come on now, no one who has played even a small number of MMO's can say that with an honest face?

    But I digress, it is as in politics, it is not about who is actually best for the country but rather wich part is better at bringing their voters to the booth.

    We shall just have to learn and live with that.

    Kudos to CCP for a well run campaign I say, and grats to EVE as well allthough this could be a double edged sword.

    The "Cult of EVE" just climbed another notch on the ladder to complexes surrounded by ATF officers and weird leaders with questionable objectives.

    Had it been about anything else but entertainment this would have been scary.

    Personally I got more of a restraint to the game then an urge to play from this, but thats just me.

    Originally posted by Jerek_

    I wonder if you honestly even believe what you type, or if you live in a made up world of facts.

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