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What's a good RP mmo

wat is a good FTP MMO that has alot of RP. i'm tired of idiots spamming around and i wanna try a game that actually has an RP element to it.


  • LandiorLandior Member Posts: 2
    Well tell us what you have tried if anything in the past.
  • mehhemmehhem Member Posts: 653
    Sadly I think every game has people spamming and lots of idiots in it.  What you really need is a good guild to RP with.  When you pick your game of choice then join a global guild, meaning people that RP together outside of the game and in any other MMO game they try.  They all play together regardless of the game.  I don't know of any by name, but I do know they exist.
  • roflingemoroflingemo Member Posts: 19
    Of course, there will always be spamming/immature players who won't Role-Play, or are just annoying. However, I play a game called NexusTK: The Kingdom of the Winds. Although it costs $9.95 a month, and is 2-D. The graphics are at a decent resolution (1024x768), and are pretty clear.  At first it may not seem like a Role-Playing game. However, once you reach the level 50 (which isn't hard) you can join a Role-Playing Subpath, which is ran completely by players (excluding the NPC that allows you to learn spells). There are a few Role-Playing paths (Role-Playing paths make up 60% of the Paths). For the poet path(healer) there are: Druids [a group of poets who allign with the elements to protect the balance of nature]. Monk [a group of poets who study inner peace], and Muse [a group of poets who study performances, such as acting, singing, music, etc. For the mage path(sorcerers) there are: Geomancers [a group of mages who study the elements, energy, and life forces],  Shaman [a group of mages who study the spiritual world], Diviners [a group mages who practice neutrality and balance {not that sure about Diviners}]. For the rogue path(magical fighters) there are: Rangers[a group of rogues who practice the seven skills: Archery, Cartography, Camouflage, Foraging, Security, Trapping, Tracking, to Role-Play, they also protect the balance], Spies [a group of rogues who ...well are pretty much are spies], Merchants[name explains it]. For warriors path: Chongun [a group of warriors who are like the "police" of the cities], the Do [neutral warrior path], the Barbarians [nomadic warrior path who are close to their Kin.]

    I've been playing nexus for a while now. I love it!

    However, don't expect many updates. I'd still try it, and if you like it, join a RP subpath.

    I'm in the Ranger Roleplaying Path, and I love it.

    We have many events and story contests to enhance our roleplay.

    I suggest you try it.
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