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AO; LE win, need help. TEST POST

karin_lofdalkarin_lofdal Member Posts: 19

Yes I won. And NO im not a spoild child crying over not geting what I wanted,
Im an old woman, with the mind of a child, crying over not geting what I wanted ;)
The bad news, if I get a box sent home to me I will have to pay a tax for the game and ALL the expantions and that will cost me much more then buying the game my self :(
And the thing is I am a former AO player so the fun in exploring the game is lost on me ;)
So my questions are:
1) Could you please do a litle tax fraud for me ;) Just kidding.
Is this price a box that you will send to me or a key to be used with a download?
1) If a box then:
Is there a way I can trade the box with another winner BEFORE You mail us our prises?
So you send us the prizes we traded for?
Yes I understand this is more work for you, but we are you favorit people ;)
2) If box and no to trade:
Can I take back my validation so you can draw a new winner for my price?

If only a key then:
LFT Key to AOLE for key to COV or something :)
LFT, looking for trade, not looking for team ;)

"Warning extrem OT mode set by insane user"

if anoyed(true);
over speelingg,
over the war in Iraq,
over (fake) code speak,
over me as a person,
over that the press is not to be trusted
over that your God is right and my God is wrong,

Have the best x-mas and happy new year ever

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