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To join or not to join WoW?

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


  I would appreciate some insight about the juggernaught that seems to be WoW.  My Grandma bought me the game for X-Mas.  I'm considering joining the WoW community soon & had a few questions.  Otherwise I'll keep considering others while dabbling in Guild Wars or wait for another MMORPG? 

  I used to play EQ, many used to play (2) characters at the same time, is that possible in WoW?  I'm considering doing so if I join since WoW is only another $20 & redoing all of the EQ grind game again even with a 2nd character helping now seems futile given the games era. 

  Do those Logitech G11 or G15 keyboard(s) work well for WoW?  Does that LCD screen add any information about the game or will any ol' keyboard work just as well?  Also, what about that stuff that allows the use of speaking ingame with a headset, it that allowed?

  I'm not much of the PvP sort mostly, in Guild Wars I mostly stick to the storylines.  I understand that once level 60 in WoW the PvP feature is all that's left for progression.  True, or are there other routes? 

  I've started hitting a few web sites about WoW, read the game manual & such.  Are those strategy guides worth it?  I saw a strategy guide compilation last week of (2) strategy guides & an atlas.

  Can I have one Alliance & one Horde character on the same account on the same server?  I've been reading & trying to find it out & it seems confusing.  Incase I don't or cant go the playing two characters at same time thing.  Also, what's the best server type for a brand new player?

  With the WoW expansion releasing somewhat soon I just wanted to get an idea whether to join the masses or wait for another possible MMORPG,  thanks for the input &/or suggestions folks!!! 


  • haudvicushaudvicus Member Posts: 176

    Quite a few concerns for just one game.

    I've never played EQ, but I'll soon get a taste when Vanguard launches. It may come out near the end of January, but chances are slim. As for how it compares to WoW, I cannot help you. I can tell you Vanguard is what the EQ series wanted but never got.

    One account means one user. I doubt you'd need more than one account for WoW.

    My bro uses that keyboard, and it works. Vent is allowed as well.

    No, you don't have to PvP if you don't want to, even at 60. The BC expansion coming out in mid-January will open it up to 70, so you should be busy for a bit.

    The only guides you'll ever need are free and can be found online.

    I play PvP, and cannot have both factions on the same server. It's okay to have them on separate servers though.

    I'd like to say Normal, but RP seems like it'd be better for a new player. Avoid PvP, but try and duel when you can.

    Now to whether you should wait, that's up to you. If you start now, you can get a feel for the game. Perhaps even enjoy your free month before you drop some cash on the expansion. If you wait until the expansion, you'll start fresh with tons of people. The game is a lot easier together, but it can be crowded in some situations.

    I'd personally help you get started when the expansion goes up, but my mind was made for PvP. Not really the best servers to start on in my opinion (my bro still freezes up when the enemy appears ). Either way, you'll never be alone in WoW unless you want to be.

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Thanks ... Haudvicus ... for the informational bit for WoW.  I'm going to try to do some more research on WoW & a few other MMORPGs.  I really just want to play (1) MMORPG so I can delve into it good.  When I played EQ I only had (1) character until the last few months since it seemed hopeless & I figured I'd be quitting since I couldn't progress.  That's why I thought of trying that playing (2) characters like many did/do in EQ that is if possible in WoW.  V:SoH of course is sounding great as long as it isn't too similar to EQ, also the computer requirements might be a factor.  My computer could handle EQ easy so it can deal with WoW well, but EQ2 was tough so maybe not V:SoH either.  I been watching the ingame videos of WoW that I find, although more comic/cartoon looking than the realistic approach they do look good.  Does WoW have some cinematics throughout the game like most of Blizzard games do?  I still remember the first time I played Starcraft & saw those, awesome.  I probably wont buy WoW:BC until I reach level 60 anyways, though that bluish race look cool, no pun intended.  Good luck to us all in WoW & out of it. 

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Anyone know if & where a list exists of possible pets that the Hunter class can tame to fight with.  I found a list of the non-fighting pets that are buyable or questable.  Not the pets I've been reading about that are just for looks, but actual fighting companions.  Also, do different fighting pets have different statistics?  Thank you again to anyone that can help. 

  • LamambaLamamba Member Posts: 8

    Try this one, if i remember right i used this one also :D, don't know if it's up to date anyway.
  • MalitarMalitar Member Posts: 2


    I wanted to post this for pets.  This website is very informative if you are interested in the different types of pets for hunters

    Good luck in whatever decision you decide.

    Also, you can have upto 10 characters on one server so you have alot of things to play around with to feel the game out.

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Thanks Lamamba & Malitar for the links for the critters.  The Hunter class intrigues me & it reminds me somewhat of an EQ Ranger + a pet.  Trying to figure what will be fun yet still an easy journey to level 60.  I probably wont buy BC till I get to level 60 though.  No need to rush the fun.  So only Dwarven Hunters can use Guns & Night Elves cannot?  Thanks to all again, hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be joining you all in Azeroth as some toon. 

  • MalitarMalitar Member Posts: 2
    If you go Horde (which you should) .  Tauren can you use guns if that is what you really want to do.  But you can train in bows/guns/xbows.  So you have options.  Whatever you do just try to have fun.  Enjoy whichever side you choose.  You can always create one of each side and play the first 10 levels and see what  you think
  • aubryaubry Member Posts: 120

    I will just make three comments.

    1st, despite what one of the other posters said, I'd only roll characters on a PvP server.  The forums are filled with people complaining that they started on PvE servers and how unfair it is for Blizzard to not let them transfer to PvP servers now.  If you start on a PvP server and really hate it you can always transfer your character to a PvE server later on (you just can't transfer from PvE to PvP).  But don't worry too much about the PvP, in the long run the benifits far outweigh getting ganked every once in awhile.  (which is why so many want to transfer from PvE to PvP)

    2nd, the grind to 60 isn't nearly as bad as it was for everquest.  As a result, many people have leveled up multiple characters of different classes (I had a priest, mage, rogue, and hunter at 60 before I decided to take a break).  You can have up to 10 alts (or maybe it's 9) on each server all on one account.  Just start a couple different classes and see which one you enjoy playing the most.  After you make it to 60 once and know your way around, the next toons are much quicker.

    3rd, I'd also start now before the big rush.  All the newbie areas will still be fairly clear and you won't have to compete for kills.  You'll be able to level in peace and be a little ahead of the bubble (and the lowbie gear will still be dirt cheap in the auction house).

    Just thought of a 4th thing, I'm not sure I would recommend a hunter to start out with.  They are fun and great for solo leveling, but about the time you hit 40 a lot of leveling is going to take place in instances in 5-man groups (and you're going to want to start getting the gear that drops in the instances too).  I've found that getting into a 5-man group with a hunter is about impossible.  Unless you're in a guild with lots of low levels, people will usually only invite one as a last resort (I don't say that to make anybody mad, it's just the experince I had leveling mine - especially after they changed strat and scholo from 10-man down to 5-man).  It's not that they aren't useful, it's just that they are more of a class that falls in the catagory of "nice to have" but not necessary.  Some talk about the holy trinity for a 5-man group (priest, mage, warrior).  If you have those 3 you can fill the other 2 slots with almost anything.  If you are one of those you will rarely have a problem finding a group (but mage was about the only one of the three I liked playing).

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Thanks again to Lamamba & Malitar for the pet links which were very informative.  Nice pictures of the pets!  Thanks to Aubry too for the suggestions.  I had considered a Mage as well.  For a storyline I was considering when I got the Human Mage to level 60 to follow-up creating a Forsaken Warlock as part of a storyline idea I had.  Or I could reverse the storyline I had thought about as sort of a redemption thing.

      Another question, sorry for the hassle, I've been reading where during certain real-life Holidays Blizzard does ingame events for WoW.  SOE did as well for EQ.  EQ would have live-events, too rarely, for players to involve themselves with & enjoy during the events' limited tenure.  Does WoW have any such activity for players too?

      Anyways, thanks again for the information & advice, I know I'll need it.  Also, can those "instant" dungeons be played with fewer than (5) players or have to have a full group?  Take care & good luck out there   

  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501

    let's sart from the bottom:

    WoW has a full range of holydays events. right now it is Winter Veil. the events, however, are automated. there aren't GM events guided by live people in wow for the simple reason they have too many people and server to be effective in it ( to be fair, any mmorpg with them usually manage to impact just a tiny minority, why bother?), so, yes to holyday events, but not live ones, you get npcs to kill, quests to do, new recipes to prepare and stuff like that.

    Instanced dungeons can be entered with less than 5 people, yes, but either you much higher level or don't bother as they will be awfully hard/impossible to do.

    now for your original questions:

    2-characters play: I have no idea if it is possible, i suppose it is as same as EQ was. but it is not very important, in my opinion. all classes can solo just fine on their own and when you go to instances you can't control 2 characters at the same time with the efficency required for doing them

    logitech keyboards: no clue sorry :D

    speaking in game: wow has no native support for any voice chat program, but that doesn't mean the voice chats programs cannot run together with WoW. many people use ventrilo or team speak and they have no problem.

    pvp as only end game: hell no! pvp is one of the options. you can raid as another or questing too. plenty of pve to do once you hit 60 if you want to. Note: pvp is by any means limited to end game either, you can start as soon as level 10.

    Strategy guides: sadly, for the nature of these games, printed strategy guides tends to be obsolete soon enough. SO check if there is possibility to update your guide online before you buy it. In addition, atlases are useful. having huge, full sized maps of the world and, much more important, of the dungeons, is very good. There ARE add ons that give you instance maps, but they tend to be less practical than a whole book.

    That being said, they are in no way fundamental or must-have. you can survive without.

    Horde & alliance on same server: yes and no. certain server types allow it and certain do not. Pvp servers do not allow and non-pvp do.

    Best Beginner server: RP PvE if you interested in roleplaying, normal PvE if you ain't. The reason is that you CAN pvp in those servers too, both in battlegrounds and in the world, but you do not have to if you do not wish to. As you aren't big on pvp i think best for you to start there. if later you find you love pvp, you can always start a new character on a pvp server to try it out.

    Have a nice day


    "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Much thanks Volkmar.  I've been going to Barnes & Noble reading the Brady Games WoW books there trying to prepare.  I did research that there is a big poster map I can purchase that has all the fast-transport routes on one side then all the topography on the otherside.  I might get that eventually.  I was thinking probably normal server or the RPing normal for my first character too.  WoW certainly has lots of items & quests already!  It reminds me of EQ that way, but EQ is really an older game now.  I'll probably subscribe to WoW after my free (30) days, but reading through the strategy guides made me nostalgic about EQ.  Shame SOE didn't allow more openess of the EQ content & quests for casual players like it seems WoW has done.  It does read like in the strategy guide that WoW wouldn't allow too much of the (2) player at same time playing.  Like Guild Wars, it seems to require more interactive sequences for the players to follow.

      Thanks again to the responses, suggestions, & help.  I'm going to keep skimming through the guides, web sites, & such for a few more days.  Good luck out there. 

  • green13green13 Member Posts: 1,340

    I really enjoyed WoW. Played for about 18 months in total and leveled several characters to 60, but I (like many) found the end-game a drag.

    If the game has been purchased for you, I'd play it and enjoy it. Yes 2007 will see several new MMOs released that would appear to be major improvements on WoW but they're not out yet.

    Go ahead and play it :)

    As for research and buying stuff, I wouldn't blow money on it. There are plenty of good sites online with maps and quest info etc.

    If you're nostalgic for EQ, have a look at Vanguard.

  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Thanks Green13.  I've absolutely been glancing at V:SoH from time to time.  I was mostly decided upon it till the SOE/Sigil merging.  SOE has done, or not done, a few things during my EQ play that I feel were unfair & correctable to players so now I'm cautious of what affect it'll have on V:SoH.  Besides, it seems maybe that the computer requirements will be even steeper for V:SoH than what it was for EQ2 which is why I didn't try EQ2.  My computer handled EQ really well even during raids so I'm confident it'll easily deal with WoW, it also handles Guild Wars well.  By the way, I know GW is somewhat different, but their scenery is awesome!  V:SoH I'm sure will be the paramount of the games during 2007, but if it follows the same path as EQ did years ago I'm not sure about it long-term.  I'm betting those Vulmane will be cool though & I like the mini-videos I've seen so far!  Also, if V:SoH is indeed part of SOE's All Staton Access that is a really nice value if you play EQ, etc etc as well.  Thanks again & good luck out there. 

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    It's possible to have up to 10 different characters at each server.

    Not sure about the keyboard as I don't have any.

    PvP is not the only route. A big thing in the game is PvE, in my opinion if u have time to waste around the evening/night then u shuld raid as it's the funniest part about WoW. PvP is for the most guys just a bit of side part of the game, mostly because it's so gear dependant, and u get best ear from raiding... (dumb logic)

    Strategy guides may be good, and may not. I have never read any, and I'm no nub

    There are different sorts of servers. There are PvP, RPPvP, PvE and RP servers. On a PvP (player vs player) server u can't have characters of different factions. On a RPPvP it's the same as a PvP, just that u have to roleplay too. on PvE servers u can have both factions, and same with RP.

    If u get stuck on a quest or something try as it's a rly great site for quests and such. Hope u join the masses, and btw what did ur granny think of when she bought u this? At max lvl when ur raiding u will need to spend about 4-5 hrs per day, and at night.



  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


      Thanks, Godliest, for the information.  I'll look-up that link too.  I used to use that Allakhazam site back when I played EQ.  I plan to keep my amount of playing hours in balance when I delve into WoW.  I'm in no rush to achieve level 60 soon to be level 70.  Eventually I'll probably try out the PvP raiding even if I am on a PvE server, but that will probably be a lengthy while.

      Good luck to us all & all our pixel creations. 

  • Hitash_LevatHitash_Levat Member Posts: 43

    I have an answer for that first question.   No you cannot run 2 chars from the same profile at the same time... Tried it last night    It will kick you off the one to put you on the other.  I will tell you that I dont know what that one guy is talking about with the hunters having a hard time to find groups.  I started as a night elf Hunter.  I am currently lvl 29 and I can find a group to be in for any instance I want to go to... Though being on a RPpvp server makes it a little harder to get a crew to go to Wailing Caverns.  I agree with the other person... But maybe you would rather have an RPpvp server instead of streight PVP.  Cause you might like to RP but pvp will still be possible in higher lvls when you want to.   Personally when I started playing.  I didn't think I would do PVP.  but when i got my first lvl 23 Tauren Hunter kill I knew it was for me.  So i started hitting the battlegrounds.   And it is time to take revenge on the whorde.  

     to the whorde.  I will find you... you may run... but I will still kill you!!! muahahahaha.  J/k you know I still love you    Your blood feels good on my hands, kinda works well with my purple hair

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