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Can i play Shadowbane?

god_boy12god_boy12 Member Posts: 2
I just recently found out about shadowbane, and from what i've read, it seems like a pretty awsome game.
My question is "Am i able to play shadownbane in Australia?"image
i hope you reply soon.


  • god_boy12god_boy12 Member Posts: 2
    Oh, i forgot to add, just because my name is god_boy12, doesn't mean i'm some religious idiot, it's just that i couldn't come up with anything that wasn't taken.

  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    Uhh o.O I'm not sure why you're having doubts on SB's playability just because of your base country? It had never been a 'closed' region title all this time. So YES you can play SB from Oz.

    I'd just like to give you some heads up before you dive in. Don't confuse 'awesomeness' with a relative easy learning curve 'coz SB means loads of reading around for your soon to be toon's development. But it's not eactly rocket science either, just wanna make sure that you get this clearly. Another thing is, SB's about solely focusing on your toon's growth, for it to gain better grounds to start joining guilds and lay smackdowns for mines and NvNs, counter reacting against zergs and 'play to crush'...

    A few tips:-
    1. Get familiar with ALL in-game txt chat commands. Trust me, things gets done faster when you do.

    2. Start reading about 'templates' and 'SB-speak'. Not that it's much of a requirement, but it helps.

    3. When the time comes to join a guild, do so. If not, make sure that you stand (and you can) your ground against anything. There's NO ample safe zones after newb island and that's THE SB norm. When you die to mobs, your whole inventory's loots will be dropped and that educates you to what it means from PKs or fair fights.

    4. As I'll repeat below, you might wanna stick to asking questions HERE rather than in the official forums. The official forums are better for reading.

    In any case, there's a good collection of SB vets here, so join the game and feel free to post questions for them here to help you out.
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