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looking for mmorpg but dont have a great pc

hi im looking for a good mmorpg. but i dont have a pentium 3. i do have a pentium 2 so if anyone know of any goo ones (imagebesides runescape & dofusimage) plz let me know




thanx  image

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  • daniboy2142daniboy2142 Member Posts: 19
    dude, a pentium 2 there is no mmorpg that will run at all with only a pentium 2 srry to break it to ya but u need to buy a better comp. lol


  • zerohunter64zerohunter64 Member Posts: 9
    i think runescape suite u better
  • Green_eyesGreen_eyes Member CommonPosts: 2
  • zerohunter64zerohunter64 Member Posts: 9
    mapple have to much graphics i think i cant play it and i have a pentium4 :( but i think u can dont know
  • Green_eyesGreen_eyes Member CommonPosts: 2
    Then there is always Ultima Online
  • Artik2Artik2 Member Posts: 3
    lol 2 post and I said the same:

    I copy-paste what I said in the other post... can we useful.

    Then you should play http://www.argentumonline.com.ar/

    If you speak spanish... :)

    They have some problems with RP but its more massive than WoW.

    PD: Im not spaming hahaa
  • roflingemoroflingemo Member Posts: 19


    It is a high resolution 2D game. It doesn't require a great computer (I have it on my spare $150 HP).

    It has a nice small community, I suggest you try it.

    It also has one of the best Roleplaying communities.
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