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andyrsandyrs Member Posts: 70

Realm = Lethon ,Team = Alliance Guild = <THE GUILD OF WARCRAFT> is recuriting active members, all levels are accepted!! This guild currently has over 150 members, and has many level 60's, and I'm currently working on guild website, and guild tabard, and later I will get a vent! PST me, "Runescape" for INV!!! is a multi-guild which means we do everything in the Azeroth, PvP, PvE, Quests, Raids, Instances, and much much more! Join the fun, todayimage  image  image image image Note: The poll means your HIGHEST LEVEL character.,49,168,13799965

I don't need LIFE as a 1337 GAMER, I have never-ending life!
RuneScape, World of WarCraft


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