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I'm on a mission, trying to try every mmo out there(jk)
I've tried many many mmo's over the past years, at the moment I'm playing EVE Online.

So I'm just after trying to find a mmo i haven't tried before, RF Online is one of them, I've seen a lot of people saying bad games about this game, but also other says good things about the game, will always be different opinions in this world.

Anyway, I want to ask some questions to the those which are playing or have played this game.

- How is this game? can you compare it to any other mmo out there?
- What do you like and dislike about the game?
- How is the pvp?
- How is the pve?
- Is it possible to solo in this game?
- Is there some kind of grouping? if yes what/how dose that work?
- What is the focus of this game?
- How is the character customizing? is there any diversity between players at all?

Thats what i can come up with now, hoping for some answers.
Thanks in advance =)


  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186
    First of all I'll open this by saying that this game only seems to appeal to a very particular type of gamer.

    This game doesn't compare to very much arguably it is quite unique in many of its systems, however if you've played a korean grinder such as L2 or AL you may see similarities.

    The biggest likes for me are the community, for me thats a key element to any MMO. Also it's a pvp game, and for me it's executed pretty well with this in mind. My dislikes currently are that community has started slipping the past few months with quite alot of people leaving. Also theres a problem with mobs despawing for no reason which is causing me some frustration, but hopefully this should be fixed soon.

    PvP for me is very good, if you enjoy team based pvp this game is for you. The solo pvp content is next to non-existent because of the system this game employs.

    PvE is just a grind, kill mobs till you level, nothing exciting or new, this game was made for the PvP.

    Solo'in is only really done in the early levels, other than farming most of the time you'll be spending in groups.

    Yeah theres grouping following the same format as most games, group to take on harder mobs thus gain more xp. group in PvP for obvious reasons.

    This game is based around PvP and what is called the chip war, which is when the 3 races in the game fight it out for control for a mine.

    Character customisation is very limited in this game aesthetically. You get a choice of different faces etc at the beggining, Alot of people argue that the lack of armour difference is that you look like an army with uniform difference.

    hope this helps.

  • monkeyspymonkeyspy Member Posts: 196
    Quick question  s0ull about the lack of character customization.  Is this like the Archlord game as well, where if I wanted to be the Elf Race (sorry I don't know the name, I've never played the game and I'm actually looking for a new game to play), am I stuck being a Female character?  From all the snapshots I've seen of the game, it looks like everyone is an Elf.  I would like to be an Elf Ranger type in the game, but I can't tell if that is possible.  I know after doing a little research on Archlord, if you want to be the Moon Elf race, you can only be females.  Also with their Orc Ranger race, you're also stuck being a female.  I'd rather be a male character (as I am a Male in real life), and even though this seems like a minor issue, it's just something I'm a little nit picky about.

    And I'm just gonna copy and paste what I put the Archlord Forum:

    The thing is I'm actually going to be moving off of Lineage 2 and will be throwing something on my laptop soon because I'll be doing a lot of traveling while I work.  So the grinding issue of this game won't be a big deal to me, as long as it moves the time along more quickly as I'm traveling.  I've kind of narrowed it down to a few games.  But between this game and Archlord I'm trying to figure out which one of these I would rather be playing.  Obviously hacking / cheating / and botting is another issue I'm trying to find out about for both of these games.  I really don't want to log on knowing that half the community is a bot, or just conjures up an item or money with the click of a button.
  • LolueMouaLolueMoua Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I played RF Online for about 5 months. Was a lvl 42 Bellato Psyper (Mage Offensive Type) by the time I left the game.

    The lack of customization soley is on the face and the clothing that you will be wearing underneath your armors/etc.. Other then that sex doesn't matter. You can be a Cora ranger and be male or female as you see fit.. just dont be surprised to look a little feminin since that's just kinda how all cora look like in the game.. I seriously had a hard time distinguishing which was male and female when I ran into a Cora as a Bellato Human.


    I stopped playing the game in June of 2006, so I don't know how much it's changed since then.. But when I was currently in the game, there was a very big problem with bots/farmers going on in the game.. This especially sucked for low lvl newbies since that's the area that was farmed the most out of the game durring that time period.. I would remember looking across the screen and all I would see were people with names like 139485932 , askldjfklewal, eiikafirklj, or whatever... From what I understood they were going to have patches and things that would solve this problem. But I left before I could see if it ever changed. In the past months before I left there was a time where the GM's identified certain farmers and teleported them to a specific Island on Ether and just owned all of their arses with Black MAU's (Bellato Robots). I never really saw much cheating or hacking going on in the game. The only real issue was the Botting. But I could be wrong. The games definitely worth a shot. It would captivate you for a long time with it's PvP alone.. but dont expect to much from it's quests and storyline.

    Hope this helped. If you have any other question about the game then go ahead and ask.

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