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tell everyone your lvl's here ^^

i'm lvl 40 after a week...what are yours?

You will never walk alone.


  • IdesofMarchIdesofMarch Member Posts: 1,164
    I haven't played in a couple months, but I believe I got to lvl 37. Have the 2nd Level Classes (or whatever they're called) been introduced into the game yet?

  • lunar2006lunar2006 Member Posts: 4
    Level 73 now. I wait for the 2nd job :D.
  • nep577nep577 Member Posts: 2

    I'm new in Trickster.

    How about this game?


  • OwenazurisOwenazuris Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Currently have a Lv. 25 Raccoon.
  • xXyunaXxxXyunaXx Member UncommonPosts: 6
    im lvl 136 on my cat and tm 126 i recently made a new sheep she is lvl 60 with tm 80 ^_^
  • FrozenCandyFrozenCandy Member Posts: 1
    Played for less then 2 hours and got to level 16
  • mayaporingmayaporing Member Posts: 3
    I play a level 174 fire-lightning sheep.

    It's possible to get to 100 in a week in this game btw, since you can do alot of quests. 2.5x exp party also boosts your level so fast.
  • QuickFalconQuickFalcon Member Posts: 1
    im a lvl 80 coon at the moment tm i think 65
  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48
    Few hours and I'm 10 lvl Dragon with 10TM.

    Different party exp boosts are great.
    And female characters - (bunny especially :D) also. ;)
  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

    Originally posted by Denearion

    Few hours and I'm 10 lvl Dragon with 10TM. Different party exp boosts are great. And female characters - (bunny especially :D) also. ;)


    i am already 124, just level past 5 minutes . . . lol

  • kalapoocheykalapoochey Member Posts: 3

    Either you leveled to lev 124 in 5 mins or I've misunderstood u 

                 Im a lev 27 Lion, im doing well!


  • blueeeblueee Member Posts: 1

    im lvl 52 my name is blueee

  • vincevdhvincevdh Member Posts: 7

    I have a level 156, 127 and 149

  • natsume8natsume8 Member Posts: 2

    im a level 17 please add me





  • msHHKmsHHK Member Posts: 1

    Hey everyone,

    I play at pearl and have a raccoon lvl 210, bunny lvl 148 and a lion lvl 155 atm. But the highest lvl is lvl 400 how does that person do that or is it hack?

    Or he really plays 24/7



  • muaz91muaz91 Member Posts: 1

    i have lv. 188 dark dragon..but i messed up he's stats 

  • SenretsuSenretsu Member Posts: 63

    I'm a level 53 Dark Dragon, add me! My character name's Asmodeios

    I am a connoisseur of fine wine and fine pixels

  • ay1koay1ko Member Posts: 15

    lvl 75 tm 61 buffallo....

  • xblazerx4xblazerx4 Member Posts: 1

    I'm a Lv.213 Mercenary or buffalo which I am a wannabe noob =P. I play in fantasia

  • DragoonariaDragoonaria Member Posts: 7

    I have not played mine for a very, very long time. Reason is I changed to a Mac so I only get to play the card game in the online page. lol.

    I remember I had a level 38 - 39 Lion.


  • AnimeSpartanAnimeSpartan Member Posts: 2


    my characters in Jewelia: Cat- 175, Fox- 83, Sheep- 82, Lion- 36, Raccoon- 32, Bunny- 32

    my characters in Fantasia: Raccoon- 29, Dragon- 9, Lion- 1



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