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Character Reward Problem

findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112

I recieved the EoF retail for an early Xmas present...  And as a new player to EQ2 I found myself a little over excited about the player rewards that came with.  I claimed all of them on the first character I created just to see what they were like, not noticing that 2 of them were one per account (not per character.)  Is there anyway to get the rewards back???  Or transfer them to another char???  What if I were to delete that character?  Will the rewards reset?  or are they, unfortunatly, stuck on a charcter Im not sure Ill ever play again...  If anyone has any advice, or a means for me to petition for my carnivorous plant back, I would really appreciate it. 

Thanx all

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  • MaldianMaldian Member Posts: 4
    With some of the rewards, you can not claim but one per account. On others you can claim one per character. There are even some that say 3 per account. Be careful on claiming items and make sure you claim them on characters you intend to play.
  • lomillerlomiller Member Posts: 1,810

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to transfer them to another character.  You could try contacting a GM to see if they will help you. 
    If you give it some time and can’t find a solution I did get lucky once when I forgot to empty my bank before deleting a char.  I immediately created a new one with the same name and logged back in an all my stuff was still in my bank.  I definitely would not count on that working though. 

  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,863

    You will not be able to have your rewards re-set nor can you claim them on another character if it was limited to one claim.

    My suggestion if you change main characters but keep this current one, place whatever house item you claimed into the new characters house.  Unfortunately only the one that placed it can pick it up again so if you move house later on you will need that original character.

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