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A little chat on Final Fantasy..

Let's have a little talk on Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS...

Is this game a good or bad game? Why?

Would this game be considered a MMORPG game? Why?

Can you get numerous weopons, bows, arrows, armour's? How many?

Is it a Free-Play game? (Can you do as you please).. How is this?

Last but ofcourse it is not least.. Thank You! ; )


  • motorlukemotorluke Member Posts: 2
    Please, I really need help!
  • zerohunter64zerohunter64 Member Posts: 9

    lol im with u, i need to know opinions to play the game :D i want to play that game alot

  • Token1337GuyToken1337Guy Member Posts: 159
    Not an MMORPG nor is this is the proper section.

    Not to sound like an ass, or anything.  It's just that hardly any actual chat about Role Playing takes place here.
  • zerohunter64zerohunter64 Member Posts: 9
    i only want to know opinions of the game i didnt say if its a MMORPG i know that is an rpg by far :P
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