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~~Hello Everyone I Am Finally Back For Good!

OldKnightOldKnight Member Posts: 235

imageHello everyone it's me OldKnight I have been working alot and I didn't have any time to log into this site it is has like what..4 months well I am glad to say I am back to stay and hope you are glad to have me back.



  • blkplayablkplaya Member Posts: 1


  • BoozbazBoozbaz Member Posts: 1,918
    Welcome back man. I remember seeing some of your posts in OT.


  • OldKnightOldKnight Member Posts: 235

    Hello m8 I am glad to say I am liking the new design for the site it is easier to use and makes it look alot nicer.

      But I think the colors need fixed up a bit I am not liking the blue with silver maybe a blue and white.image


    __Justin Hill

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