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Threads and Posts Deleted

SilgnonSilgnon Member Posts: 9
Just logged on and all the posts I have made/threads i've created in the last 4-5 days are deleted, my account says I have never posted to the forums.

Please Fix!

64 Gnome Mage Spirestone
61 Tauren Druid Earthen Ring

FFXI - Seraph
Windurstian Tarutaru
75 MNK 55 BLM 51 DRG

EQ2 - Nektulos
47 Conj (36 Tailor)
50 Zerker (30 Armorer)
14 Illusionist (37 Sage)

50 Hunter


  • RanqueRanque Member UncommonPosts: 14
    There was a rollback of the server. From what I hear it's 4 days worth, which correlates with your numbers. You're not alone, as a lot of people feel the pain too. image

    As for me, I lost nothing.

  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 756
    That is correct, we lost 4 days worth of data across the entire site.  We were lucky enough to have the flat files for the features run each day to revert back to but all forum activity, news, ratings and hype counts were lost.  We're very sorry for this inconvenience.  image

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

  • ummaxummax Member Posts: 779

    oh doh I guess I should cancel the question in the other forum.  I was puzzled hehe I went to login and I didn't exist yet I could see my username in threads if i was careful and looked, but when I went to the spot it didn't exist.  I thought maybe I had imagined posting and hehe

    Okay thanks that clears it up I had to re register and everything

    (thought I was loosing my mind for a second image )

  • BenZorgBenZorg Member Posts: 7

    Thank you for that support ... i was wondering what was happening !! Now i know why my account had been deleted...

    Such things happens ... and we can't do anything for that, so don't be sorry for that ! =) Only hope that it won't happen again...

    Edit : I've found a post i have written last week ... But since my account had been deleted due to the " time warp ", the name of the  post's writer ( which sould be BenZorg ) is  " mwood2020 " ...
    I don't really understand why this is mwood2020 .... 

  • MacalatusMacalatus Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Apparantly this also affected the Holiday Give-a-way contest??  As it looks like I had to re-enter!
  • BenZorgBenZorg Member Posts: 7
    Exactly ... consider that all you have done on this website had been deleted / erased / forgotten =) So your inscription to that contest is one of those things, you have got to do it again =)

  • Gam3d4rKGam3d4rK Member Posts: 146

    Ohhh thx for clear my question ^_^, i lost like 5 post, but its ok, a lil error on the system ^_^ ::::02::


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