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Player Housing

Hi all!  I'm just getting back to the wolrd of MMORPG, spending a year away after many years of AC.

One of my favorite features of AC was (is) player housing.  I would appreciate your suggestions regarding current games which offer player housing.  I have tried the EQ2 Trial, and am not thrilled with the game.  I was in the Horizons BETA, but now the games appears old graphically and does not appear it picked up in popularity, so longevity may be an issue.  I've been playing the trial of WoW, and enjoy the game thus far, but would prefer something similar with housing.

Thanks in advance.



  • nthnaounnthnaoun Member Posts: 1,438

    Why don't you just go back to AC? AC hasn't destroyed the housing system. But unfortunetly, if you are looking for another game other than AC, because of AC's age, I would have to regretfully inform you that no other newer game has it. It would be pointless to start a game just as old as AC that has player housing, such as DAoC when you can just go back to AC...unless there is something you aren't telling us.

    Vanguard is coming out first quarter of next year, and it will be similar to WoW and will have superb player housing. But it will also be similar to EQ and other games with more depth. So if you can hold out for a month or two, you can just buy Vanguard and give that a shot.


  • MorganfavreMorganfavre Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the tip.  Time is certainly something I have available.

    Nothing hidden about AC - I loved the game and the people in it.  I left when game requirements grew beyond my current system.  And now that I have finally replaced it with a "cutting edge" machine, I'm looking for a "cutting edge" game to play on it...  image

  • fawdownfawdown Member UncommonPosts: 186
    The EQ2 trial is a joke.  It shows nothing of what the game is capable of.  The regular game including the expansions in the EoF box is a completely different experience and is way different than the way it started at release. 
    The housing system in EQ2 makes it affordable for every character to have a roof over their heads, not just the elite player.  House items are bought or gained from questing and many are quite spectacular so housing is a big part of the game.  There are of course larger housing with more benefits for more cash and status.

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