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I've been issued a warning?

RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,401

It would really help if when you issued warnings.  You at least quoted the post or what you found offensive in the post.  I read the PM, but I can't remember doing anything along the lines of a personal attack.  After my temp bans i've been pretty careful not to call someone stupid, idiotic, moronic, etc.  (Though I do slip up sometimes image)

So how do I go about finding out which post i'm being warned for?  Made alot today, and almost 90% sure I didn't use any really offensive words like: Stupid, Retard, Moron, etc etc.

Edit: I tried to reply to the PM addressed to me by [email protected] but I get an error.  Hence this post.  Also beginning to wonder if this warning was because I told a thread full of people.  To pull their heads out their asses.

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