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Where is RFOnline at now ?

CyniQCyniQ Member Posts: 7

I'm looking to play a new MMORPGs

I used to play this one with some friends back when it was on pnoy servers only.

Is it international server now ? american ? how much per months ?

I heard codemaster runs it now ? Is the management any good ?


  • neveynevey Member Posts: 6
    Yes, there's servers you can play on, you'll be mixing with the Europeans as
    usual.  Currently there's 5 servers, but at some stage soon they'll be merging
    them all into 1.

    It's $14.99 a month to play and the first month is

    CM are ok considering they have very little say in what happens.
    The code is done by CCR and they are woeful at bug fixing.  Currently on the
    Spirit server they have an issue with mobs despawning, this has been going on
    for 2 months now and still no fix is on the horizon.  Bugs and the like aside,
    I'm enjoying the game.  There'll be a patch coming at some stage (Ep 2 part 2),
    which promises much more content.

  • anti!imac010anti!imac010 Member Posts: 80

                When is the server merge going happen? (Not that I like the idea in the first place) and when is Ep. 2 part 2 going to come out? I'v herd about very loosely around here and there but I have not heard or seen any official word yet. Is there something that i'm missing here?

  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186
    There can't be a server merge until this mob depop issue is fixed as theres a strong chance the problem would exist on the new server. Ep 2.2 is still only in test on the korean servers were looking at a good few months at least.

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