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[A] Destromath - Wrath - TBC guild

ZariellzZariellz Member Posts: 1
Guild: Wrath
Server: Destromath (PvP)
Faction: Alliance

Interested in: Raiding TBC members (WoW Expansion)

Looking for: All players level 50+ (Or players who would like to level up and will be near 50 at the release of the expansion on January 16th.)
(Rogues soon to be full)

General Description: Mature, Burning crusade raiding guild

What makes us unique?

- Ni Karma /roll loot distribution system (Essentially /roll and DKP combined)
- Friend and family environment – no elitist attitude
- Ventrilo, Website, and Forums

Wrath got its start in the beginning of World of Warcraft, originally under a different guild name. The original creator designed the guild to be a tight knit group of real life friends that play online. That is exactly what it was. However, as time passed and gear requirements came knocking, the casual environment of 10 or so 60's was not sufficient, and we all parted ways. Now, over a year later, we've all returned, and reformed, in Wrath, with plenty of new faces, and have growing plans to move into the raid environment that TBC has to offer.

The time that we've spent separated has given us all a distinct advantage. We are all still friends, but now - we all have the raiding experience to effectively lead a raiding guild into the future.

The 25 man environment will fit perfectly into the Wrath play style. We are not casual gamers. But we are not elitist jerks without a life either. We play Wow to have fun, and have fun we will. Wrath will not be using a DKP system for loot distribution, or a corrupted loot council, or even a pure random system. Items will NEVER be disenchanted when someone can use them, and you won’t ever hear the raid leader screaming over vent that the healers suck. Many guilds will alienate their own members in those, and a variety of other ways. There is no such rubbish in Wrath, nor will such garbage ever be tolerated in Wrath!

Wrath will be raiding the new instances brought with TBC, not the old ones. Although we may venture into Naxrammas for fun, it is doubtful that we will spend much time there. Don't feel obligated to join right away; Wrath will be doing very littlie until the expansion.

If you’re interested, head over to the website and make a post in the forums. Additionally, you can send
a tell in-game or email in-game on the Destromath PvP server.

We've had several people transfer over to be with us, and many have brought there friends - don't be afraid to do the same! Also, if you would like to create a new character from level 1, and level it to 60 before BC releases, come join us, you will be welcome.
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