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I cannot take polls?

Necroscope84Necroscope84 Member Posts: 54
  Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or something that is wrong with my system but for the past year or so I cannot do any of the polls on this site. There's just nowhere for me to click or vote.  Before I log in, it has the thing for me to click on to vote but then I log in and it's gone. It's as if the polls are closed when they're not.

  I use Firefox, is this the reason why? Should I be using Internet Explorer or what is the deal?  Let me know if there's something on my pc that I need to change or enable.  I really enjoy all of the polls and my favorite part of logging into mmorpg.com is clicking on my choice on the polls that are in the right hand side of the homepage here.  I really miss being able to do that so any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


  • Necroscope84Necroscope84 Member Posts: 54
      Please Disregard my previous Post that is above. It is now working. : )  image

    Please disregard my post. I just went to the polls and I can now do polls again. Weird. I haven't been able to do them in forever and I just wanted to see what polls are going and presto, the little circles are there for me to click in and to cast my vote. I'm so happy.  I don't know why they work now after not working for me for so long but I'm extremely happy that they do.  Thank you  image

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