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Thinking of giving WoW another try, need some advice from the more mature players please.



  • LexBlueLexBlue Member Posts: 4

    1. Roll Horde.  The community seems more mature and interesting on average, but the usual drawback is that there are fewer players.
    2. Join a newer RP/RP-PVP server.  I play on The Venture Co and Scarlet Crusade (US), but have also heard good things about Twisting Nether, Thorium Brotherhood, and Sentinels.
    3. Do your research on a realm before you commit to it - browse their forums and see which guilds would fit you best, who to avoid, etc.

    This will save you time and energy in the long run.  ;)

  • RaztorRaztor Member Posts: 670
    Most important thing is to find people you enjoy playing with and sticking with them. Been playing the game since day one and been raiding with same same peple for 1.5 years. Enjoying the game with 40+ people you know well and meet IRL is what makes this game special. You'll find immature players in whatever game you choose to play, but after a while, once you find a decent guild, you'll find people worth playing with.

    In my experience the difference between PvE and PvP servers are minimal. Even Alliance/Horde differences have diminished over the last year or so as more people made alliance/horde alts. My suggestion would be for you to make a character on an RP server.

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