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Is this free?

Is this 100% free. I just read the game overview on this site and it said it was not free. Niether retail or monthly fee. Is the site just not updated?


  • zkytzkyt Member Posts: 33

    Yes, this game is 100% free. just havent updated anything beside the Game Title yet.
    Which in my opinion is messed up :(

    You can get a more up to date info at 
    See you ingame, I hope :)

  • ExpatriateExpatriate Member Posts: 202

    They'll probably ban me for saying this, but MMORPG has always had someone kind of bias against RYL, and their review is completely out of touch with reality, written by someone who hated RYL before playing and played for no more than 1 hour.

    Judge the game for yourself.  It has a steep learning curve, so it's not for everyone, but those who get into it can't stand playing another MMORPG after it because the others seem so lame (at least until Age of Conan comes out--it looks pretty cool)

    Just google for the different versions--I prefer Malaysian servers myself.

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  • geemanjrgeemanjr Member Posts: 94
    ? where would i download and or buy this game at so i can give it my trial?

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  • Mattt89Mattt89 Member Posts: 16
    I played this back in POTE and loved it got to level 60 or so stop playing because I couldn't afford the monthly anymore and just today I heard it was free to play  which is awsome because its a great game. The combat system is awsome its my second fav and my first was the old SWG(not NGE). Its free to join in on the fun I personal don't think its to hard to learn but the people are nice and will help you if you just ask nicely.
  • darkbaindarkbain Member Posts: 1
    wow, I played ryl back in the day, the original RYL that was in beta for about 2 years, then I played the beta for pote, man I loved that game but at the time I just couldnt afford to pay to you can imagine that my heart skipped a beat when I read this.  what happened to make them drop the fees?

    See you in guild wars!!

  • MertezMertez Member Posts: 19
    Expatriate, I couldn't agree with you more. MMORPG has always gave them bad reviews. They're saying that it still has a monthly fee and I think right now, they've deleted it from the game list! RYL PotE had a monthly fee but that game died and it was way way way way better than UW.

    Mertez Aad

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    just so you know.

    GM-Emmerdale. headGM and producer of TNI's RYL game(s) has already sent a new game packet info to they are just too lazy to update it. been almost 3 weeks now. is the offical game site for TNI's RYL1 they dont have an offical site for their planned RYL2 server yet as they dont have RYL2 open to players yet.

    game is 100% free. free download, free game. go to their site and read their forums to know more. is dead. PWG is gone, they are PWM and only deal with their crappy comic book creator which is junk

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  • brokeasajokebrokeasajoke Member Posts: 3




  • AngelSarsAngelSars Member Posts: 32 to lasy? common and i love this game its stunin =/, Criminal gang for All Points Bulletin (APB) join us

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