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ArmitandoArmitando Member Posts: 1
I just signed up about a half hour ago. Whenever I try to log in, it says...

Unable to connect to server.
Could not resolve domain name:
Please check your network connection.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?



  • dustyfogdustyfog Member Posts: 17

    Actually they are having database problems today  from the patch yesterday so that may be whats keeping you from logging in. Keep trying


  • leahr930leahr930 Member Posts: 5
    That happened to me also but it's working fine now. image

  • ChimpeChimpe Member Posts: 11
    Does this to me sometimes, best to leave it for a little bit then come back.  Also, if you get a different message of why you can't log in sometimes, quitting and restarting fixes it I've found.
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