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Any CB players with insight??

falcon6273falcon6273 Member Posts: 2
I was just wondering if there are any closed beta players with any initial impressions.  Some backsground info of your MMORPG experience just to see what kind of genre's everyone is coming from would be interesting as well.


  • HashbrickHashbrick Member UncommonPosts: 1,316

    This is the mmoprg we have all been waiting for. Completely new, no cookie cutting here. A full out martial-arts mmorpg that lives up to its name. I can't say anything about the game due to the NDA but all I can say, is this will be one mmorpg to look forward to in 2007.

    I'm a simple man spoiled from MMOs of the old age.  Looking for a home but deserted.  My heart and time is not worthy for the MMOs of the new age.
  • LordofkrimeLordofkrime Member Posts: 8
    I've been testing the european version for 2 weeks now, and the game is simply amazing. It's gonna be a great mmo when it will finally be ready for the open public.

  • GrömGröm Member Posts: 303

    I've been playing the CB now also for like 2 weeks...
    Before you rad on just remember that this is Closed Beta, so far things are already very functional, whisper chat, adding friends, guilds, almost no bugs, camera angles works fine.
    No lag so far (depends on hours of the day, your PC, and again this is CB so not that crowded) but really there's no lag; learning curve of the game is good, I didn't feel really lost but it can happen (if so just lvl up and another quest will show up that will giude you to the next step).
    Also about quest, there's a story line that you can follow (you even have to answer some question or just pay attention to what the NPC tells you). You star as a vagabond looking out for adventures and there for you can visit each parts of the world (map - and yes, it's big) so you can choose (talk to NPC to hear their version of the story of the 9 Dragons) your clan. That's a great option. You can only be part of a clan through trials (some are hard like HD [Heavenly Demons] others are quite easy to enter in).
    There's plenty of monsters, you won't feel like you're killing same creature over and over, some are more aggressive than other, etc.. About monster you might now wondering, is this a grind fest? I'll tell you, no it is as far as quest go, it isn't at all but to lvl up skills you'll have to kill things, that's normal.
    Leveling up... ok about that, there's a diferent system, it's just not called "level" more like "Resolving Chakra" or "Open Chi" (or you can just simply hoover your mouse and it will tell you the level you're at if initialy you feel lost about that level system). One thing important that I can't left out is that in 12 in 12 level the name you're at will change. For example you can be "Resolving Chakra 6" (it's around lvl 43) so you need 6 more levels of RC to get to a new called level that will bring you to a simple Chi test that can determine if your way to level up your skill will be easier or not. Meaning the more failure in that test less quickly you'll "learn" - level up - your skills.
    This is a Martial Art game so if you're looking for a game all about that look no further. And believe me by saying this: it's just great.

    Graphics are awesome, community so far is one of the best - mature player mostly and all out for helping eachothers but well this is CB - I certainly hope that it will contine that way.
    Gameplay is also great, you choose the skills you want to train - to have a cool look is not that hard either (meaning -> having a glowing +3 weapon, etc...)
    Quest aren't boring (well maybe the ones that you have to break stones can be a bit too much) but then again there should be some risk involve so I felt it was ok. Even if you feel frustate to enter Heavenly Demons just remember the stroy line, they don't accept just anybody, so work hard, pay attention to the what the NPC say and you'll be fine.
    Monsters are plentyfull and respond to their nature mostly.
    hmm what else...?
    I just can only add, try to register yourself, to enter CB isn't that hard, it wasn't for me and I'm just an old regular gamer, download the game after they give you the key code, play and be amazed for this F2P MMORPG.

    Cheers image

  • falcon6273falcon6273 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the I really can't wait to try this out!!image
  • herbboyBRherbboyBR Member Posts: 32

    -)G(- Herb Boy McPoT

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