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Spellborn's web administrator's email

so for some reason when i try to access TCOS's website it says i've been banned. oddly enough i have no idea why, so im sure its some mistake. but im unable to find any info or access anything other than the screen that says i've been banned.

i'd be most appreciative if someone could post the web admin's email here

thx and see ya in beta soon


  • AlienShoresAlienShores Member UncommonPosts: 79
    Hey I just poked around the TCoS site for a while and honestly didn't see any contact email address, sorry :(  I can tell you *who* to contact, but they don't have an email address listed and everything about contacting anyone at TCoS says to send people PMs, but that requires you being able to log into the forums.

  • Freeze_TCoSFreeze_TCoS TCoS CMMember Posts: 15

    Hey hey..

    Please send me a PM here on mmorpg.com with your tcos login account name.
    I will try to get it solved for you.


    Marco "Freeze" van Haren
    Marketing and PR Manager for The Chronicles of Spellborn


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