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Profesions question

m0beym0bey Member Posts: 9
ok I like guild wars but there is one thing that bugs me.  Having only eight slots for skills is kinda annoying.  And since you can pick two professions I find it hard to pick the right skills, there is so many to choose. 

My question is this, Has anybody made a character and just went with one profession to level 20?

Is there any real advantages to having two profesions or advantages to having just one?

Is it ok and viable to just do one all the way to 20?



  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    While in many cases it makes little to no difference if you only use skills from your primary class, it's not possible to only have a primary class. The game will not allow you to continue without one, there's just no one forcing you to actually UES that secondary.

    And there are advantages to both styles of play. With only skills from your primary proffesion you have generally better attributes (since you can use at least minor runes to increase those skills) where with using skills from both classes makes you more varied and can give you some advantages that you would not normally have. As to what those advantages are, they very greatly between class combinations.

    If you feel the urge to just play a single class, I say go for it. No one is forcing you to do otherwise. But, I do recommend taking Monk as your secondary if you're not a primary Monk for the express purpose of a Res spell as opposed to a Res Sig only.

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  • SuplyndmndSuplyndmnd Member Posts: 553
    VG is correct.  I have a couple of builds (though rare) that consists only of my primary class only.  My Mesmers and my warrior.  It is better though (in my opinon obviously) to find a secondary that can perhaps compliment what you plan on doing with your primary.  For example I have an elementalist that I wanted to use Meteor Shower with.  What's better than 1 Meteor Shower? 2 or 3 Meteor Showers.  That's where Mesmer Arcane Echo and Echo would come in.  If you look on you can look at "Builds" and see what we mean.

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  • Stop thinking in terms of professions and start thinking in terms of skill builds/role fulfillment and the clouds will part and the sun will shine through.

    Some primaries like ranger and dervish often wind up using almost all skills of the profession, but still take the above advice.

  • ZerandZerand Member Posts: 77
    The thing you should always keep in mind when thinking of what skills to use is that how they work with each others. It's better to have skills that complement your other skills than having skill that are all from different attributes and don't have anything to do with eachothers. And the last thing is: You can't have it all. No matter how you want to have some skills with you, you have to keep in mind what the goal of your build is.

    Well, it might be a little bit too early for you to think about things like this. Now you should just experiment with the given skills you have :)

    And to actually answer your question: Even if you could take only one profession, why do it? When you can have more skills, why take less? You don't loose anything. Later there would be only feelings of regret :)

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  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581
    GWs is like a card game.  Though there may be 1000s of cards to
    chose from you can only hold so many in your hand at once.  

  • m0beym0bey Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the info guys, it is really helpful.

  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    While I agree that it is hard to choose what skills to bring, I find this to be one of the most intriguing parts of the game.  The only two classes I can remember playing purely with their skill set was Mesmer and Ranger.  My Mes worked terrific, and with a quality monk, not even a great monk he help tear a team apart casters and melee alike.  The main aspect of the ranger was the survivability without the monk while stilling DOTing the other side.

    How can you not get excited about different builds...I really only have a problem with GW is when people hop on the FoTM bandwagon.  I think ANET and the community as a whole tend to do a pretty good job of keeping this at a resepectable level.

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  • PTEDPTED Member Posts: 464

    Originally posted by Bent
    GWs is like a card game.  Though there may be 1000s of cards to
    chose from you can only hold so many in your hand at once.  

    Great analogy there~ heck I'ma put that in my signature ::::20:: well done.

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