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Duping in Shadowbane?

I am hearing alot of rumors about duping on certain severs in Shadowbane. Has anyone else heard this or is it just me?


  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    I've searched for duping related subjects thoroughly on the official forums but mostly it's about some cases of rock (AFK druids levelling) and MoTB exploits? If there is any, rest assured that it's not as rampant as you might've thought it would be and SB vets have a REALLY good knack in reporting or even laying the smackdown on dupers by themselves. Especially for dupers in the Live servers..image
  • ZerocydeZerocyde Member UncommonPosts: 412
    Yea, duping screws everyone, and unlike other games, SB has a hardcore following, and we do our best to keep the fuckers that wanna ruin our game time away.

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  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    Yea, if the ccr's dont catch them fast enough, the players themselves can actually DO something about it. 

    You cant wipe someone off the server in any other game out there.

    Same thing has happened to the China invasion.  They ran people off of Braialla and Redemption, due to the fact nobody say it comming on, sb went free, they came in the droves, but they failed to on Vindication and Wrath due to NA players taking there citys out before they gain a foothold.   Good stratagy to keep a servers pvp going, instead of letting it get zerged to death by players from China (and Wraths population has gone up alot, plenty of pvp to go around).  Play to crush!

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  • VesilisVesilis Member UncommonPosts: 21
    Originally posted by -Zeno-

    You cant wipe someone off the server in any other game out there.

    I love Shadowbane.
  • Akeron111Akeron111 Member Posts: 4
    I thought some of the duping issues were fixed. most were from making noobs and handing stuff back and forth and then deleting and recreating toons with same name or something like that. But i know that was fixed and I think they were actually tracking duped items to see who ended up with them. lots of accs were banned a while ago... dont know if people found a new way of doing it
  • l2avisml2avism Member UncommonPosts: 386
    Last time I played on a live server (about 4 months ago) there was alot of people on high strength charactors standing around the vaults right before server resets. Its an old dupe (I'm not sure if it even works anymore) but basically they ran macroes putting items in and out of the vault in hopes that the game server would (in the event that the server shutdowns while you take an item out) have time to update the database server with the item being placed in the vault but not be able to update the database with the item being removed from charactor inventory so that when you login after server reset the game server loads the database records for vault and inventory you have 2 copies of the same item.
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