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9Dragons user manual

UploadUpload Member Posts: 679

The following guide is fully copied from the forum. It was placed on that forum by Werlii. The reason why I placed this guide on the forum is to share information with other players.

Command List:

Left Click - Select item or character or Move to Location.

Double Left Click - Attack/Approach current target or Use/Sell/Buy Item

Right Click - Use/Sell/Buy Item or Mouselook

Mousewheel - Zoom Camera or Scroll Scrollbars

Double Click Middle Mouse Button or Mousewheel - Point Camera North

F2 - Command hint sheet

F3 or Numpad + - Zoom in on minimap

F4 or Numpad "-" - Zoom out on minimap

F5 - Disable/Enable User Interface

F7 - Messenger

F8 - Pigeongram

Print Screen - Screenshot

Delete - Point Camera North

Home - Zoom Camera In

End - Zoom Camera Out

` or ~ - Cycle through the 3 quickslot bars

CTRL ` or ~ - Clears quickslot bar (what a horrible bind)

1 through 0 - Use corresponding quickslot skill

Spacebar - Automatically loot any available item near you

TAB - Switch between peace and war mode

Left ALT (with Lightfoot skill active) - Use Lightfoot

Left CTRL - Temporarily shows all possible enemy NPC names.

ENTER - Access chat

ESC - Exit chat (useful when sending a tell) or Deselect currently selected target

! - Party chat

@ - Hero Band chat

# - Clan chat (or at least it SHOULD be)

/ - Whisper chat

R - Reply to recently recieved tell/whisper

U - Select self

P - Meditate. Uses last used Meditation skill if none is currently running.

W - Switch Weapons (You can ready 2 weapons in different slots in your inventory. This button will switch between those slots, even if one of them is empty. So watch it.)

A - Attack currently selected target

N - World Map

M - Area Map

I - Inventory

O - Option Screen

C - Character Sheet

D - Mastery

S - Kung Fu skills

Q - Quests

L - Living subscreen

V - Community subscreen

ARROW UP - Move Camera Down

ARROW DOWN - Move Camera Up

ARROW LEFT - Move Camera Right

ARROW RIGHT - Move Camera Left

Emotes on Numpad:

(Make sure numlock is active)

0 - Greeting

1 - Deep Bow

2 - Angry

3 - Forward

4 - Sit

5 - Cheer

6 - Laugh

7 - Cry

8 - Hand Clap

9 - Disappointed

Stats, Armor, and Death:

This can be a little confusing so I'm going to start with this. There is no immediately obvious upgrade path for armor in this game. You do not get a clothing item with 25 "ARMOR" that can eventually be replaced with 30 "ARMOR", or anything like that.

In fact, the majority of your defenses will come from stats. The relevant ones for the beginner are Strength, Dexterity, and, of course, Constitution. Here is a list of all the base stats and what they do:

Strength: Physical Damage, Physical Defense, and Balance

Essence: Maximum Vital Energy, Chi Kung Base Damage, and Chi Kung Defense

Wisdom: Chi Kung Dodge, Chi Kung Attack Rate, Chi Kung Skill Damage, Chi Kung Defense, Chi Kung Critical Rate, Unconscious Timer, and Manual Reading Ability

Constitution: Maximum Life and Life Regen

Dexterity: Physical Attack Rate, Physical Dodge, Physical Critical Rate

Some of these stats can be a prerequisite for high level weapon use.

Now for the terminology... Life is HP. Vital Energy is Mana. When you lose all your Life, you are rendered Unconscious. If there is a friend nearby, they can revive you if they are quick enough. The amount of time they have to do this is improved by Wisdom, as is indicated above. You can revive someone by double-clicking on them. If you recover in this way, then you will not suffer any penalty.

If the timer runs out, then you are dead and must choose a revive option. You can either revive where you are, which will involve a hefty experience penalty, or choose to revive at a saved Inn or your clan's hometown, which will give less of an experience penalty.

You can also sustain External or Internal Wounds, which reduce maximum Life or Vital Energy, respectively. These can be healed by either going to a Clinic NPC, or by using one of the items you can buy from them. (Having him/her heal you is a lot cheaper.) You won't be suffering any Internal Wounds until much later.

Most of the stats are pretty self-evident in what they do. However some, like defense, don't necessarily work how you might expect. As of now, details on anything but damage, and maybe critical rate, are pure speculation. Critical rate will increase the chance of getting a critical special strike in combat, which increases damage done on that attack.

There are clothes and accessories that can increase these stats, but...

What to do about the lack of money and the Silver Satchel:

It's generally not a good idea to spend money on anything but better weapons, if possible. (One possible exception is the +15 dodge hat available from a clan vendor, if you have high dex and can afford it. You can also refine weapons to reduce how frequently they need to be replaced. More on that later.) There is a definite shortage of money in this game and there is little you can do about it.

One thing you can do is to rely on quests to give you the clothes you need. One such quest very early on gives you the Silver Satchel. This is an accessory and requires either a shirt/jacket or pants/skirt with pockets. You COULD buy such an item from a vendor if you had the cash, but it's better to wait until you can do a certain clan quest. When you do you'll probably get some kind of apparel with 2 pockets for free. Even later on there will be a collection request for Wan (under the Character->Living subscreen) which will reward you with either a shirt or pants of your choosing, also with 2 pockets but with additional stat bonuses as well. As you keep leveling there will be a few more quests with similar rewards.

Getting back to the lack of money issue...there is one possible thing that can be done. What you should do...what EVERYONE should do, is try to support a player economy. This game doesn't have an auction system yet, so you'll have to go out there and start selling to other players directly. You know those weapons you get sometimes as drops? You're actually selling them to the vendor for 20% of what a blacksmith vendor would price a similar item. So even if you sell the weapon to a player for twice the sell rate, that's still 40% of what it would be in a store. And there's the added benefit of keeping all that cash within the player community.

There are two ways to sell. The first is the typical MMO "WTS losing self X XXXXX $XXXXX" spammed on the General channel in a populated city. The other, kinder and more afk friendly, method is to open a stand. The stand action is under the Character->Living->Action tab and lets you essentially become a vendor selling whatever you want at whatever price you want. You still have to be logged in for this I think, but at least you don't have to pay attention to the computer.

Prime selling locations are the middle of Hefei (as both white and black clans can reach there and the weapons are split by clans), the hometown of the clan that uses the weapon, and the first town in the first area other than Hefei when leaving your hometown.

It may be tough since there are only 7 hours of beta, but the rewards can be worth it I think.

Weapon groups are split as follows:

Almost everybody (Mostly non-tank classes I think. More on this later.) - Glove and Claw

Any Chi Kung attack user - Bracer

White - Staff, Sword, Polearm

Black - Sabre, Spear, Axe, Wheel, and Dagger


This game has a very unique leveling system. Levels are actually grouped into 12(+1) "Chengs" with special names given to each one. The first 3 such names are Losing Self, Gathering Chi, and Opening Chi. What you do to advance to a higher group is reach cheng 12 in your current one, then go through the special 13th Cheng (which isn't counted), do the Chi Breathing Exercise, and then you've got it.

An easier way to refer to level than "Losing self 12" or "Opening Chi 1" is a single number indicating total level. You add up all the chengs of the groups, except for the 13th one, and that's your total level. (So when a dev refers to level 100, or whatever else, that's what they're referring to.) For example, Gathering Chi 1 Cheng is level 13, while Opening Chi 1 Cheng is level 25.

Skill Levels and Manuals:

Pretty much every single Kung Fu or Chi Kung skill you find you will be able to improve through use. The levels for these skills are also called Cheng. They generally have a max of 10 and get harder to improve the higher they are. They will also usually have prerequisites, such as your own level, at certain Chengs.

All the skills you can learn from Trainer NPCs are first tier. There exist 2 more tiers that can only be learned through manuals found in the world. However, it may be a while until you'll be able to find them. And even when you do, they may have skill cheng prerequisites from the first tier. Even after all this, it may be possible that there is a chance for failure while reading them. If this is true, then the Manual Reading Ability of the Wisdom stat may help reduce this chance of failure.

There are also manuals which can be purchased from the basic clan trainer that can double the experience gained while using a skill from that clan, though they tend to be limited to 3 or 5 cheng. These cost between 500 and 1400 gold each.

There are also even more advanced training manuals that can be found in the world that can give triple exp, or go to higher chengs.

Clans and Classes:

There are 6 introductory clans that are split into 2 groups, White and Black. Now, far from being simply good and evil, White and Black groupings instead refer to allegiance. White clans have sworn allegiance to the current Emperor of the land, while the Black clans have not. And this Emperor is far from a saint. Although White clans do lean towards a good alignment, and Black clans toward evil, it's not absolute. For example, the Wu-Tang is entirely about the Tao and showing proper loyalty at all times, however they probably wouldn't worry too much about a starving commoner. While the Brotherhood of Thieves is built entirely on the principle of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, though they've still developed a gangster mentality that can cause problems.

There are also 3 advanced clans, but they're not implemented yet. You will supposedly be able to join these clans after you've joined, and progressed along, one of the 6. Or at least that's how I understand it.

Within each clan there are 4 unique classes. You will pick one of these classes on the way to, or at, Opening Chi 1. At this point you will be able to redistribute your stats and masteries.

Now, with few exceptions they generally follow a certain type of template. Three of the classes make use of the so-called "Trinity" of common MMOs. They are the Tank, the Nuker, and the Healer/Buffer. The 4th class is a kind of "Hybrid" class. Each class has its own set of skills, which indicate what weapon(s) they may be able to utilize, and also one selected stat which costs 2 points to raise instead of 1.

The Tank generally has access to clan's main weapons skills, but has few Chi Kung abilities. (in the tank's case it's restricted to a few minor buffs and possibly status effects) Its costly stat is Essence.

The Nuker may or may not have access to a backup weapon skill line, but that shouldn't matter since its sole purpose are Chi Kung attacks and debuffs. They also have a skill or two that act as a damage reflection shield. Its costly stat is Strength, I believe.

The Healer generally only has the backup weapon skills to fall back on. Their purpose is to heal and buff while adding a good amount of damage. Its costly stat is Constitution, I believe.

The Hybrid class also only has access to the backup weapon skills, but they get skill lines that are similar to what the nukers and healers have. These skill lines generally don't have snares or revive (from death or wounds) abilities though. Its costly stat is Wisdom. The nice thing about this class is that you can pull with Chi Kung attacks very safely and then proceed to melee when they get close. Enemies generally do not add when the people around them are attacked, only if they see you. Though there are exceptions.

Since it can be tough to figure out which clan class fits which role, here is their information ordered like this:


1) Tank

2) Nuker

3) Healer

4) Hybrid

Glove includes Claw.


Shaolin - Polearm (Glove) - Song Shan

1) Luohan

2) Exorcist

3) Diamond

4) Deva

League of Beggars (Gai-Pan) - Staff (Glove) - Tainjin

1) Vanguard

2) Dragon

3) Strategy

4) Spirit

Wu-Tang - Sword (Glove) - Wu Tang Shan

1) Blue Dragons

2) Black Turtles

3) Red Phoenixes

4) White Tigers


Sacred Flower Clan (Mi-Gong) - Wheel (Dagger) - Zixia Dong

1) Mistress of War

2) Mistress of Spirit

3) Mistress of Heaven

4) Mistress of Cloud

Brotherhood of Thieves (Lu-Lin) - Spear (Axe) - Tai Shan

1) Warrior Bandits

2) Brigands

3) Gold-Rogues

4) Taishan Bandits

Heavenly Demon Clan (Mo-Jiao) - Sabre (Glove) - Mount Yanmo

1) Blood demons

2) Storm demons

3) Phantom demons

4) Fire demons

Also, Bracers can be used to improved Chi Kung damage for any Nukers.

For more information on these clans, you can go to these previews:

Now, since there is a clear Trinity setup in this game, it is likely that you will not advance in levels as fast as you would if you'd get a well balanced team and went after the big game. So keep that in mind if you spend most your time soloing, especially after you've gained a couple dozen cheng.


Guilds are called Hero Bands. You will be able to take a Hero Quest at level 48 that will allow you to make a Hero Band at your Clan's Leader. It costs 5000 Clan contribution. I also believe you need a team of 5-6 unclanned people in order to found one, but it hasn't been verified yet.

Only people of the same Clan can join a Hero Band. However they may eventually be able to make alliances with other Hero Bands of other Clans as long as they're on the same side of the White/Black divide.

How to speed up travel:

There is only one way to speed up travel, and that is to gain the Lightfoot skill from a clan once you reach Gathering Chi 1. So you best start learning the shortest routes to get anywhere.

Started Gathering Chi, now what?:

Lightfoot! You can probably get it from a clan quest, but if you don't it can be bought. Either way I think you still have to visit a special NPC and do a sidequest to finish training it.

Besides that, there are many basic clan skills to be learned. You have to pay for them through clan contributions. You should have met the NPC that does this during your clan initiation quest.

Of special note are the basic clan steps and meditation skills. You should probably strive to have these active 100% of the time once you've learned them. While the effects may seem minor, especially for the steps, you need to raise the basic clan version to cheng 8 before you can learn the class versions of these skills. And the only way to raise these is to spend time with them on. Note that the basic clan trainer has manuals for sale that can give you double exp rate. They do cost a bit however.

Now while the class version seems to give a lot less benefit, that's because it's at cheng 1. When you level them you'll see that they can give a lot more. You'll want to do this with meditation anyway because it can mean faster regen. Also, you do NOT need to level the basic meditation to 8 cheng in order to get the basic clan meditation. So don't worry too much about that.

How to finish training Chi Kung skills:

If you get a skill that needs training and you can't use the dummies for it, there is a Chi Kung training field somewhere in your clan's headquarters. This is generally a field of small stone platforms. Find a selectable platform and use it. In the mini-game, the left mouse button pushes the object left, the right does right.

Started Opening Chi, now what?:

You can now pick a class and gain their class abilities. You'll probably have between 5 and 8 skills available at the start, so that's about 1000-1600 total possible clan contribution required.

Again, when you do pick your class you're allowed to redistribute all your stats or mastery points, if you choose to do so. So don't worry about which stats and masteries you picked as a beginner.

Note that after you picked your class you'll only have one more quest left in this closed beta and that will be to repick your class if you're not happy with what you got. So, basically, there's not much else to do now but play around with your class abilities, explore the few open areas, and PvP now that Hefei dueling is open for you.

Crafting and Tradeskills:

Ok. First of all, there are no actual tradeskills yet. At the moment all you can do is enhance items you already have using simple item combines.

However, according to the CEO, you will eventually be able to fish and mine. Maybe even other things.

As I have little experience with enhancing weapons and clothes, I'm just going to point you to this article:

For refining weapons, you have to go to the Master Refiner in Hefei. There you can show your weapon to the refiner and determine what kind of Dragon Blood you need. The kinds used for +1 and +2 refinement are purchasable from a General Vendor nearby. The rest can be traded for Blood Essence from the Refinement Material Merchant, also nearby.

Refining adds a damage bonus to the weapon, but generally keeps the rest of the weapon's stats the same. The process will also cost an increasing amount of gold and have an increased chance of failure (where the weapon is destroyed) as you commit higher levels of refinement. A highly refined weapon may also have an added graphical effect.

You can gain Blood Essence by both PvP and...

The Red Glyph and Number:

This is essentially a kill count with a reward for a very high uninterrupted count. If you reach 999 exp-granting kills, without dieing or logging off, you can click on the glyph to gain a Blood Essence.


When you sustain wounds (or possibly create wounds on an enemy), you will slowly build up a rage meter 3% at a time. When this meter reaches 100% it will trigger and rapidly climb back down to 0.00%. It has been reported that you will do, and take, more damage while under rage. However, your visible stats will not change. It is possible to click the rage icon when it is counting down if you have yourself selected, and thereby activate some kind of graphical effect. But it is unknown if this does anything.

As you gain more maximum Life and get wounds more frequently, this rage will build much more quickly. You can also gain more rage meter while it is counting down to delay the end.


You will gain Epitaphs as you go up the clan ranks. I believe there are only 2 of them in-game atm. Eventually you should be able to get them from special quests. To utilize it go to your character screen, find and click the Epitaph button, select the one you have, and click apply.

Revealing Hand:

Supposedly this early skill only works in PvP. Eventually you'll be able to buy a mask that can hide your name. This skill should be able to reveal someone wearing such a mask.


  • WeareweareWeareweare Member UncommonPosts: 195

        Wow, i can't believe i read it all. This was very helpful and answered many of my questions. Although it didn't talk about the player ranking system, and i hear something about being able to have an effect on yourself, like anti-poison for 1 hour. I liked the command list, even though it was very ordinary.
        I think its going to be cool to have to distribute stats in 5 different things not just  str dex int . Level system gets me confused, as well as the skills system, i heard that you get skills by training on a dummy and you click in the middle of bar with a dot that goes left to right, if you miss it, you just try again(this will be extremely boring). im looking foward to pvp, being able to gain rank by killing people will be fun, but i wonder if it will make people just start killing nonstop, hope there will be consiquinces. Guys this is a must read if you are interested in this game, unless you like to work your way up knowing nothing.
       - thanks sven, hope to see all you guys in game, i'll be in wu tang, probably a blue demon.

  • UploadUpload Member Posts: 679

    EDIT: Post removed since it has no more use. Topic is sticky now.

  • ginettiginetti Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 301
    Question: Chi Breathing

    I didnt realize the faster you completed this test, the more stats and mastery points you got.

    What is the maximum amount of stats and mastery points you get from the excersise.  I've gotten 6 stats at one point, but i heard you could get upto 8.  Any higher? And what sort of speeds are we talking?

    Also: regarding classes / clans.

    Is a tank from heavnely dragon the same as a tank from shaolin clan?

    Or do clans greatly impact on what sort of Tank you will be. (ie: Is there one clan that is BEST suited to being a tank, nuker, etc?)

    PS: once you level up your weapon mastery to the maximum, what do you do with the mastery points?



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  • Grifter0408Grifter0408 Member Posts: 15
    I wish I had read this post while my gaming was downloading. Thank you for bringing it here for others. I wandered around the game for a good 30 minutes trying to figure things out but after while I started to get the hang. It is a shame you cant keymap in movement. In not quite used to the click and move concept; I like to dual hand as it may be.

    Very help, and thorough guide. Going to refer to this alot. And never did I realize that different clans/start points allowed for different weapons. I noticed some players near my level w/ swords and was like "I want a sword" but could only train in axe/spear. May have to make a new character now.
  • merv808merv808 Member UncommonPosts: 511
    Thanks for posting this I was actually upset and had stopped playing the game because I didn't understand what was going on. Seeing as how the game itself or the games site doesn't explain it I was getting pretty frustrated.

    Maybe you can answer another question for me: Why is it that noone in this game talks????
  • CowLevelCowLevel Member Posts: 1
    I completed collecting stuff for this Wan Waye guy, where do i get the cloth from? I don't know where he is
  • ShamziShamzi Member Posts: 12

    You can find him in Hefei. Check your map for the right exit

  • GnazonGnazon Member Posts: 442
    Awesome thread, I wish I found it earlier! Thanks a lot to Werlii  for writing it and Sven101 for posting it here!


  • UploadUpload Member Posts: 679

    I hope all of you can use this thread benefitial. If you find any mistakes in it or have a question about this game, feel free to PM me or leave a message on this thread.

    EDIT: Lines were messed up (again...)

  • YukkiYukki Member Posts: 22
    wow nice manual thx =D
  • Roland_AsephRoland_Aseph Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Thank you very much!

     I am enjoying myself, just hit lvl 11 in the Wu Tang Clan : )

    Regards & Good Hunting All 



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  • xoblivionxxxoblivionxx Member CommonPosts: 77

    Great find! pretty much answered most of the questions i have about this game. May start playing it again. Thanks a bunch. Now on my way to heavenly demon clan,  to blood demons!


  • david196520david196520 Member CommonPosts: 2
    Thank you very much.
  • abdulmoezabdulmoez Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited July 2023
    I got nothing from this. Just like you got nothing, by putting in all that time into this game. You aren't the only one for sure. I'll say that.
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