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Lineage2 Dyes info

NaujasNedasNaujasNedas Member Posts: 3

hi all, i just want to inform you that page http://l2dyes.visiems.lt is updated, and there you can find a lot usefull info about dyes and sets
and that will alow you to easyer to choose which dyes and which sets is best for rase and for your charakter.
If you have offers or notices about page write here, or email me (email is givin in the page)


  • RisingShadeRisingShade Member Posts: 13
    Hey there...

    I like the site layout and the idea itself. But there's a few mistakes I found:

    1. Spelling mistakes:

    Rase is spelled "Race"
    Profesion is spelled "Profession"

    2. Dye Mistakes:

    I was able to apply Int/Wit Dyes to a Destroyer, when in reality this is impossible. Only certain classes can use any dye combo - the rest are limited by whether they are fighters or mages.

    3. There is no way to clear all of the inputs and start over without reloading the whole page. I'd suggest you try to put some sort of refresh option in.

  • NaujasNedasNaujasNedas Member Posts: 3

    1. thanks for misstipe errors ;)
    2. http://www.lineage2.com/Knowledge/enhancements.html there u can see which class can have whcich dyes :) i think this page will be helpfull for u :)
    3. no, i dont wanna do that :) i hate javascripts, and ~30% of people, who vists my page, has disabled javascript, so i think is beter when u make a change in page, tha page will refresh info :)

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