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List of Ryl Server  ryl 1 free playing ryl2 free to play

this are NOT pirate server this are Malaysian servers.



  • zkytzkyt Member Posts: 33 - RYL1 (North American/Tahiti version) free 2 play w/ and upcoming Item mall system.
    Also the official site to RYL: Unforgiven Wars, which is NOT a pirate server either.

  • cccpmikcccpmik Member CommonPosts: 22

    Originally posted by zkyt - RYL1 (North American/Tahiti version) free 2 play w/ and upcoming Item mall system.
    Also the official site to RYL: Unforgiven Wars, which is NOT a pirate server either.

    i know and i palying there. cause this is a new server and i have a chance to be the best
  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    bah .MY servers lag HCore, POTE is gone so all the NA RYL2s are gone.

    not worth it to play illegal servers where staff play with your account.

    i looked at RYL1 na by TNI looks kind of cool dont know how my lag is on their server though if its in tahiti or how ever you spell it.. dont really care so long as its better then .MY and has better staffimage

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  • TwinlanceTwinlance Member Posts: 2
    I live in europe and have no lag at all in version, and I like the server, no downtime, nice people, but the only thing is that we need more of thsoen ice people to join in, server only has like 70 or something players currently. All come test it! it is really good server and free too!
  • DesuDesu Member Posts: 60
    how do i conenct to these servers?
  • cccpmikcccpmik Member CommonPosts: 22
    download the game , download the patch, register and play it
  • NytemareNytemare Member Posts: 59

     Don't know bout the lag in the servers...seems to me you are lucky if you can connect to it.


    I went to the tahiti forums to see if there is a is down....maybe they are done.

  • cccpmikcccpmik Member CommonPosts: 22
    all ryl servers are down dont know why. all are down
  • NytemareNytemare Member Posts: 59

    Its cuz of the earthquake.


    Internet users in Asia could face long wait for repairs

    HONG KONG: Internet users were warned Friday that they face a long wait for services to return to normal in parts of Asia after an initial survey by repair ships discovered extensive damage to undersea telecommunications cables caused by an earthquake off Taiwan's southern coast.

    The Office of the Telecommunications Authority in Hong Kong said that poor weather had hampered the survey and assessment work, but that crews on the repair ships had determined that damage to the cables from the earthquake was "substantial."

    The authority warned that repair work might take longer than the five to seven days it had earlier estimated.

  • DesuDesu Member Posts: 60
    Then why are the americans server down also? Ok so theres went down because of the earth quake. understandable.. but why did orus go down?
  • NytemareNytemare Member Posts: 59 (the North American Server) has been down and out (aka closed)  for months. The only legal ones I know about are

    The Vietnamese, Mayalysian and this Tahitian one.


    There are some "not sooo legal"   servers running that are not based in the Asian area that are up and running

  • cccpmikcccpmik Member CommonPosts: 22

    BTW there are new server its a mix of ryl1 and ryl2

  • gashakura05gashakura05 Member CommonPosts: 2
    edited December 2017
    Risk Your Life has another good server that you will love to be part of it. It's for FREE as of this date, be part as it might be paid in the future. Who knows? Let's start building a great community. Server name is Return of Warrior >>
    >> hosted by Indonesia. The game offers medium drop rates and experience. Join and be part of this growing server community. Less players and considered to be top among others with its great game balancing. Considerable to all forms of players across the globe. The lesser the better, but if it grows a lot to be more fun! Be part of US! Happy gaming^^
    Post edited by gashakura05 on
  • flinch.fosterflinch.foster Member CommonPosts: 2
    Wrong one @gashakura05, Legit server is here:  Start the best gaming experience of Return of Warrior with this! Support and other inquiries will be apprehended for this one. Others won't share help and left you hanging. They also have on-going events, visit them here too:

    In doubt? Head now and see for yourself!
  • ServingSizeServingSize Member CommonPosts: 8
    @gashakura05 sorry dude but youre wrong thats not the official server

    and @flich.foster nice reply :) 

    The real official server is "Return of Warrior" at for more info you can go to the site and see their latest news and more :)
  • romanricromanric Member CommonPosts: 2
    your telling us your a pirate ? of Return Of Warrior game ? 
  • ServingSizeServingSize Member CommonPosts: 8
    romanric said:
    your telling us your a pirate ? of Return Of Warrior game ? 
    Pardon? i did'nt quiet get your question?
  • romanricromanric Member CommonPosts: 2
    why you play pirate server .. if the original is better gameplay than the private server
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