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For SB's prospective players, get into the Test Server!

Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168

It'd be a shame for something that's actually f2p and from UbiSoft to boot, gets more and more obscure by the day.

Let's get some basics refreshed:-
The proper link to the official website, news, guides and forums;
Official website
**The other one which is is termed as the 'product site' and acts just as an introduction page with outdated contents.

1. For starters,create your own account by accessing the Account Manager page.
** take note that the page only supports Internet Explorer web browser and it really can't seem to work on FF or Opera. >_<:

If that link can't seem to work for you, try this one because it seems that this one is supported for other browsers than IE.

When you're done with the account validation, proceed to click on the 'Add a subscription' button to activate your SB's FREE subscription.

Game client's download & resources' links;
PC version from GameDaily
**The one from is good for download managers and resumable. You can copy + paste the link by viewing the download 'Properties' after you start the download manually through your browser.
PC version from GamersHell
Mac version from GamersHell
Official starter guide
SB Catacombs (SB fansite) char builds' guide
** A MUST read BEFORE you go hacking and slashing at mobs or even other players! sweat.gif **
SB Catacombs' Char Builder Tool/Calculator
Rivkah's Shadowbane Notes
The Morloch Wiki
GamersGrove's SB fansite

Here's a repost from the official forums on the how-tos;
How to get to Test #2782703 - 07/16/06 06:30 AM
Accessing the Test server requires editing two text files, and instructions are below. BE AWARE THAT THESE FILES ARE CASE SENSITIVE.

You will need a separate install for Live and Test since they frequently run different versions. If you want to play both Test and Live make a copy of your existing Live directory and rename it Test or something similar.

Locate the Shadowbane (depends on the choice you made at installation time) directory and edit the ShadowbanePatcher.cfg file (use Notepad or similar editor, not Word) so that it reads:

packages All CacheBig CacheSmall
TermsOfUse TermsOfUse.htm
CodeOfConduct CodeOfConduct.htm

Then, again using Notepad edit the ArcaneIP.cfg in the ShadowbaneConfig directory so that it reads:

PORT= 6000
** yes leave the other details ALONE - chakl337

Two other things to know:
- Both Gold and Experience rates are much higher on Test.
** Hence the reason why... It's almost like 15x rates so you can experiment with possibilities,reroll, spend all gold to skills and repeat with no anxiety whatsoever. Faster way to start getting a feel of SB's brutal PvP scene too. Anything you choose, there's more good to it than not - chakl337

- Test can be "wiped" (all data deleted) from time to time. (Many Test players look forward to this.)
** Need I remind what the word 'test' means? I rest my case... rclxs0.gif -chakl337
Credits goes to Ben_SBG. Refer to
for confirmations.

For those with existing Shadowbane installation! FOLLOW THESE STEPS!

1. Make a copy of the Shadowbane folder and rename it something like ShadowbaneTEST.
  • Mac users, right click on the shadowbane folder and select Duplicate.
  • PC users, right click on the shadowbane folder, select copy, then right click and paste into the ubi folder housing the current shadowbane foler.
2. Download the ArcaneIP.cfg file for the Test Server (available here).

3. Extract ArcaneIP.cfg from the zip file and place it in the Config folder in your ShadowbaneTEST Server folder, overwriting the existing file (i.e. ShadowbaneTEST/Config).

4. Download the ShadowbanePatcher.cfg file for the Test Server (available here).

5. Extract ShadowbanePatcher.cfg from the zip file and place it in the ShadowbaneTEST Server folder, overwriting the existing file (i.e. ShadowbaneTEST).

6. Create a Shortcut/Alias to the Shadowbane application located in the ShadowbaneTEST folder and use it any time you wish to help us on Test!

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The Shadowbane Tavern
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  • stonebredstonebred Member Posts: 33

    Thanks for the great post! Most helpful!

    I lost my SB disc ages ago and have to download it all.

    Really isn't taking very long and I plan to be up and running again in no time.

    ~If you shoot at mimes, should you use a silencer?~

  • MaxziusMaxzius Member UncommonPosts: 248
    Even if you have the old discs I recommend just downloading the game from Gamedaily.

    -Just My Thoughts-


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  • GT_buZZGT_buZZ Member Posts: 31
    Call me dumb, but I'm having some issues. First off, i can't create an
    account. I go to the page using IE, fill out all the information, hit
    next....and nothing happens. The "next" button link is broken on my
    computer or something, I'm not really sure. So after this happens I
    decide I should go to Game daily and download the game. So I go to the
    EXACT site that you gave, and for soem unexplainable reason it takes me
    to a page that has nothing on it about Shadowbane. When I type
    Shadowbane into the Search bar of Game Daily's site, I get a "Buy Now"
    button with a picture of Shadowbane's Computer game.

    I really need a new game to play that isn't carebare, I'm sick as hell of all these lame MMO's out atm. Lil help please.

    Thanks in advance

  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168

    NO you're not dumb... In fact, one of the core reasons on why SB's losing or can't seem to take in newer batches of players is that they can't seem to figure a secure page that's browser-universal even after all these years. Anyways I've edited the related links and let's hope it works in your favor this time. image

  • ehall422ehall422 Member Posts: 5

    Great info.

  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    This should be an interesting piece for vets and newer Test Server's players alike.

    December Content Patch to Test                     
    Friday 01/12/2006
    The Test Server has been updated with the following changes:

    - A 'Remove Friend' option has been added to the Friend List Interface
    - Made various improvements to the performance of the chat system
    - Groups are now automatically created upon inviting someone instead of having to create the group first and then   inviting another player to it.
    - Mouse-overs now work on the Hotbar
    - Only Buildings of War can now be dropped during an active Bane
    - A City can now only hold as many Mines as the rank of its Tree of Life
    - Defenders can now place more Buildings of War
    - All items crafted by Hirelings have been reduced to have a 10 minute creation process with the exception of   Bane Scrolls which will remain the same
    - Fixed an issue with the World Map Options causing the client to crash
    - Healers now receive a new Power at Level 2 called Contagion; it inflicts Disease Damage Over Time and only   works against Mobiles
    - The Secondary Effects of the Warlock Powers Dull the Mind and Dull the Body are now flagged as Debuffs.
    - A city must now have a Rank 6 Tree of Life to have the maximum amount of Siege Spires.
    - Thieves can now undertake the Blade Master Discipline.
    - Reduced the Maintenance Costs of Bulwarks to 64,000 gold.

  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    I'm bumping this up, since there's seemingly a repetition of newly made threads asking about SB being f2p and all. You can verify that by clicking the 'f2p' linky provided in the 1st post.
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