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Traditional or Leet Names?

Im sure it's been brought up here and there, but I havent seen any yet.  So I was just woundering what Turbine intend on doing with names and what you want them to do.

Are they going to have Surnames?

Are we going to expect to see real RP-ish type of names or leet names (You know what I mean)

Lord of the rings doesnt seem like the right place to have someone named Froggod143 or what not.  So whats your take on this?

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  • RK-MaraRK-Mara Member Posts: 641
    Hopefully you can't have numbers in your name.


  • RainStarRainStar Member Posts: 638

    I hate seeing players in a game with names that are made out of the characters of the movie/books.

    I hope there are some rules as to names you can create.

  • worbatworbat Member Posts: 52
    Im hopeing either they will make you have proper names like frodo baggins ect like gw does. how ever i would like worbat to be allowed :) but yes deffinetly no I// ehs|_|(z0r names

  • audreys910audreys910 Member Posts: 5
    first name and last names all the way!!
  • JasmineRoseJasmineRose Member Posts: 178
     I dont like to see names that came from stories/movies like LOTR or L33T names either either, I think names like that should automaticaly be blocked in the name creation and that people shpuld be forced to use thier own heads and create a real name, but another thing that I cant stand is a name totaly mis-spelled because that name was unavailable. I know that sometimes its hard to get a name but totaly mispelling a name to the point that one has to think of what that name was supposed to be is plain annoying IMO.image


  • n2k3156n2k3156 Member Posts: 523
    I'm thinking Bob the Hobbit for me.

    NGE Refugee.


  • RainStarRainStar Member Posts: 638

    Originally posted by n2k3156
    I'm thinking Bob the Hobbit for me.


    Thanks a lot, now I have the theme song from Bob the Builder in my head. lol

  • RK-MaraRK-Mara Member Posts: 641
    Bob is more like a name of a man from Bree-land image


  • CandidQualitCandidQualit Member Posts: 26

    Naming filter is most definitely in.  As well as names blocked from the books. 

    And you can't Use Bob.  She's a great girl and would be quite upset if you took her name.

    *edit* forgot to add that the surnames have been discussed at length and are probably going to be in.  Though I can't find a dev quote that states it is law yet.  Personally keeping my fingers crossed about that one.

  • TheoTheo Member Posts: 242
    I think you'll certainly see the same number of inappropriate or
    immersion-breaking names as in any other game. Most games block names
    of familiar trademarked characters and obscenties, but there's no
    effective way to police names that just don't fit in the game world.
    It's just the nature of MMOs. The only way to completely avoid it would
    be to restrict names to those created by a random generator or a list
    controlled by the developers.

  • chazmyrchazmyr Member Posts: 69
    I personally wish they'd ban L33t seak all together! lol I cant stand it, usually if I'm playing a buffer in a game, I wont buff someone using this......"language" as a name, and ESPECIALLY if that's all they talk in. To me, it just shows immaturity. (probably make people mad saying that, but oh well)

  • vanidorvanidor Member Posts: 32

    Boy could I talk about names in games.  I have seen ones like Stevetheenginerr and SatanClaus even Santa.  There are others that just ruin the immersion factor for me.

    I like seeing names of elves like evish names should be and dwarves like dwarves etc.  It really enhances the environment   the first time I see  names like Dildo Baggins  which I have  just  makes me angry.  Game manufacturers need to have settings in place to prevent such occurances.  RP servers are great for the truly loyal fans but you will get the occacional person who has to throw in the Iamanoob or Lootwhore101

    Many of these people have never role played pen and paper games and don't know true immersion in a game.  Perhaps that is why leet speak and other fake languages exist.

  • phanatxphanatx Member UncommonPosts: 41
    Until you get a game creator that can stand up to the overwhelming mass of Bnet kiddies, i think we are boned in the naming department.

    Its unfortunate that most kids these days do not have any level of creativity, or personalization at all....

    Nothing like seeing a character running at you named OMGIPWNDU 
  • eburneburn Member Posts: 740
    A server for each their own? I don't see why that'd be a problem ya know. But I can see where numbers in names and phrase names may infringe a bit on some RP player's toes. They seem to disapprove. LoL So maybe a RP server with enforcement? Ahh the /petitions about names.. If I were a GM tho they'd probably be my last priority.

    I kill other players because they're smarter than AI, sometimes.

  • Infernus_sinInfernus_sin Member Posts: 34
    If they consider this an NDA violation.. screw them but...

    There is a hobbit named bob in the game....
  • neveniasnevenias Member Posts: 48
    The filter they have in game is evolving. Here are a few points about the filter for those that are interested.

    -numbers cannot be entered into the name

    -Surnames are enabled

    -hundreds of names get added every week to the filter

    -if you have a vulger name that makes it through the filter, a Dev. in game will give you 1/2 a sec. to log out, then will wipe your toon.

    -some names are allowed in game now, but will not be when live. IE "Bob"

    -Once live, when you are in the character creation screen, for each race there are going to be 'suggestions' on how a name should be.

    For instance if you are a race of 'man' from dale, Dale names generally end in .... or ..... or ..... ect. ]

    same goes for all races. There was talk that these may be enforced at some point, but this seems unlikely to me.

    -there cannot be more than 2 vowels in a row, period

    -of course there is a limit to the # of characters, so no more "Keeanureevesasborimir" (sp?) or the like.


    I am not apart of LOTRO Beta.

    All this info was gathered from: Google, Dev. chat logs, You tube Dev. videos and the LOTRO general forums
  • MurinelMurinel Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Hope that this is true. Cuz it would be stuped to see Frodo115 or any other character from the movie.

    And its cool to have surnames. We'll see everything once the game comes out.

  • lotro_rockslotro_rocks Member Posts: 15
    I to hate names like kilingguy and pippin44556 but what about real world names a bit more older then bob like Christopher and Henry and geourge because they were around in the medival age but this is fantasy not medival so i just was wondering how more people felt on these kinda names??
  • BatavierBatavier Member Posts: 42
    I certainly hope that the naming policy will be more strictly enforced than in WoW. LOTRO to me seems like an average MMORPG with a few nice twists (monster play, LOTR atmosphere, original quests), if they screw up the naming thing, that will be one more step towards 'mediocre' and 'meh'...

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  • ArdnutArdnut Member Posts: 188

    names should suit the games theme realy, but then again, naming is personal - just hope they dont end up with a thousand names all sounding the same just spelt different -

    (ps - if you've not seen that comic yet, it's right on the button, and giana is a gamer as well)

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