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How do you retrieve the CD key once ur activated

recklessthrecklessth Member Posts: 1
How do you retrieve the CD key once ur activated, like how do i get the cd key off mmorpg.com? i have a play nc i just want to get cracking.


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,226
    I think you need to either contact mmorpg's support or NC's support. You might also have received an e-mail and the instructions might be there, just not clearly stated.
  • KnightcryKnightcry Member Posts: 168
    Contact the Chinese embassy they seem to have alot of them.
  • bizounce101bizounce101 Member Posts: 28
    i was wondering the same thing. One of my biggies are number of players,(i play WoW) so i wanted to try liniage 2 while its free.
  • lwsp001lwsp001 Member Posts: 1
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