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A 2.5d mmo

zimquatszimquats Member Posts: 301
Im please to be the first to say that this game looks Sweet!  It reminds me a lot of the questfor glory series by Sierra from the 90s.  Could be a great game as a definite new look kind of like a new feel for an MMO. 

While the screenshots are pretty sparse what I see I like a lot.  It would be nice to actually see some characters in them but who knows what they have got. Beta has just started.  The dev team scene really active a lot more than most games.  But I think if they hype their game a lot more it could make a world of difference.


  • SenuvenSenuven Member Posts: 51

    I agree, the hype for the game is so low, but maybe they are hoping their fans bring some Hype in. I am waiting for the second beta opening for my spot to check it out.

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  • DSTerraformerDSTerraformer Member Posts: 7

    Hi all,

    It seems I'm a few years late reading these.  /shame

    Thanks for the comments on the game! 



  • thatkenguythatkenguy Member Posts: 58

    If any of you are still following this game, feel free to check out the forums at

    If you follow the dev and moderator posts there over the next month or so you will probably notice some interesting developments ;)

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