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MarkJWMarkJW ColumnistMember Posts: 226 will be back up at 01:00GMT, 7PM EST. I upgraded without warning you guys. Sorry! We will have a new skin up by the middle of next week. While you're waiting for to come back, hang out at See you guys soon!


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,936

    lol... that's good!

    I was wondering what was going on as I get a message that my account was suspended. I couldn't imagine what I wrote that caused me to get banned! image


  • KharmedKharmed Member Posts: 101
    Lol so many people are asking me if they got banned in and I just noticed you're post.

    Mark you should've send an e-mail to everyone :P


  • MyzRainMyzRain Member Posts: 43
    I was hoping you would come onto IRC and let me know what happened. :P

    What is forgotten is forever immortal.

  • MyzRainMyzRain Member Posts: 43
    BTW, everyone. AionSource has been back up for a few days now, be sure to re-register!

    What is forgotten is forever immortal.

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