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Info for people thinking about dloading SB

PanossianPanossian Member Posts: 94
This is mainly for people not playing SB who might be thinking about
dloading the game. Ive been playing now for about a 3 weeks and have
two high lev chars 60+

These are obviously my opinions so take it however you like, I'm your
average gamer who has a full time job and is a big PvP MMO fan. Ive
played the majority of MMO's that have hit the market, starting from
EQ1 up to WoW,RF, etc...

Character creation:

Great assortment of races and classes to pick through, you def have
enough choices to satisfy any play style. Combine the large class/race
choice with the ability to customize your char with diff traits, and
you can really craft a nice uniqe character. SB allows you to put in a
space in your last name as well so you can come up with some unique
names for your avatar.


Im sure they had their reasons on why "point and click" movement
was used but I honestly feel there should be an option to switch to
"wasd" or whatever movement keys people use. I did get used to the
point and click system but there are still times when I'm indoors just
walking around or even worse, trying to fight indoors where it gets
frustrating. Hot keys are a must and you must assign alot of them and
get used to using them to make your life easier.

PVE is pretty straight forward, melee classes can "stick" to their
targets and use their special attacks as they see fit. Casters just
nuke mobs down before they reach them. Leveling is fast and easy and
made even easier if you can find a decent guild which runs xp groups
often, I see tons of guilds recruiting all the time. Your character is
always growing stronger in SB and growing quickly because of the rate
at which you level, so you will never really be bogged down on one
level for an entire day or two. You will always have points to spend
and ways to improve your char. I always hated it when you worked
through a really long,hard level only to be rewarded with 10 more HP.
That wont happen in SB

Im by no means an expert on SB pvp but you def want to do your reaserch
before picking your race/class. There are just some classes that have a
very rough time when it comes down to the higher lev pvp encounters. I
would def spend alot of time on the SB class forums if you are serious
about the game and want to create a viable character. The skill system
SB has is great and has a ton of ways you can spec your char but that
means there are tons of ways to cripple him/her as well. While you can
"respec" your char down the line, it does cost alot of money and why
not just do it right from the start.

When you are killed in PvP, you keep what you have equiped but drop
everything in your inventory. I suggest constant trips back to the bank
and deposit your cash as you are exping. If you dont have a recall
spell then buy the scrolls.

Coming from years of playing Daoc on the Mordred FFA PVP server and AC1
Darktide, Im used to the random gankings and whatnot and that will
happen to you in SB. Its part of the pvp and something you should be
ready for. Be ready to lose all your hard earned cash you just farmed
up to a random lev 70 char running by just looking to ruin your day and
collect a nice quick payday.


It is what it is, even in '03 when the game was released that
graphics were sub par. But you play SB for the PvP not the eye candy.
And on the top of that the game is free so I cant complain.

Im sure I left out a ton of crap but this is just some feedback for someone who is bored looking to jump into something new.


Current Game FFXIV (Cactuar)
Looking for 1 healer for 8 mans.

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