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Getting this game?

Just wondering is this game right for me?

I like:

-Good PvP with a purpose (rewards etc but not too much of a grind)

-Good amount of PvE

-Casual gamer friendly


  • aspiinaspiin Member Posts: 66
    No one can really say yet. If you read the TOCS web site FAQ it mentions that the game will be easy to play, hard to master. So what I am guessing is that it will be nice for casual gamers but at the same time really nice for those who want to put a little more time into. It will have pvp, but as far as how good it is, well we will have to fine out. The PvE to me sounds great. You follow a story from start to finish. I dont thinkg there will be the quests were you have to go and kill X amount of monsters. Or collect X amount of items. They are doing something new. 

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