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Hey I just wanna say to whomever would care to listen that is a GW Factions player...
Thanks guys for making my switch from WoW to GW, I know from experience that a lot of noobs like myself hop on and start jamming the chat full of stupid questions and the community put up with my crap and answered all of them with out at least sounding annoyed. Cheers to the guild 'The stolen eye' for picking me up when I asked to join a guild. I just got NightFall so I'll be jammin' those two for a long time thanks to the community of this gameimage



  • daniboy2142daniboy2142 Member Posts: 19
    well im glad to see that ur so enthusiastic about this game, and its freinfdly communitys


  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    Well , we are happy too when you join the GW , so thanks too you too ^^ .

    First you must give , only than you can take .

  • MarthZeroMarthZero Member Posts: 6

    They have a censor and it rarely needs to be used, unlike KidScape.

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