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the game has been changed!!

MiniTwainMiniTwain Member Posts: 4
okay, for some time ago this game was played with asian GM's and at that time i played the game.. got to lvl 18 and decided i didnt wanna play the game again because of the lack of GM information..
i mean, you were never told anything about what happened with the game...
but now Gamescampus has taken over the game and ive decided to start playing the game again.. i was one of the lucky ones to become a beta tester and got myself to lvl 24 and i have to say that Gamescampus has done an amazing job with this game

when they had asian GM's they removed the guild feature, because there was a bug with it and IMO that is not the way to go.. if that happens you know that the game isnt worth playing because of the GM's, but with Gamescampus the guild feature is back up and as far as i know running perfectly, thay have also added new features to the game and made new and improved quests...

i think Gamescampus has made an excellent job on this game and i dont think i will ever stop playing this game.. with Gamescampus you actually get information about what is going on with servers and stuff...

so, if you have been thinking about playing this game i think you should visit and try it out... the game is so much better now



  • MixajloMixajlo Member Posts: 2

    i dowloaded last version of Xiah but.... after log on and pressing the start buton, nothings happened!!!
    my question to u is-how to start game?
    ty in advance
  • MiniTwainMiniTwain Member Posts: 4
    dunno what browser you are using...

    when i use Firefox i get the same problem, but when i use IE there is no problem...

    before you can start the game from homepage you need to install some ActiveX components.. Firefox has never asked me if i wanted to install, but IE asked right after i got on homepage... maybe you can try that

  • MixajloMixajlo Member Posts: 2


      ty man!!

    i already started game, but my 1st impression was :-( ...

    i already play another game and i was hope that XIAH will bring something new, realy I am disapointed.  i dont know your age, but this game is for kids, no fence.  so I was uninstal Xiah. that is not game for me

    for now,my personal opinion is that KalOnline is better

    reasons: wide maps and locations


  • MiniTwainMiniTwain Member Posts: 4
    ive played Kal Online before..
    i made a lvl 44 ice/lightning mage as a guild leader..

    and honestly... Kal sucks! too many hackers at least when i played and to long time to lvl.. at the time i stopped playing kal, the GM's closed for the trade system because about 90% of all the ppl tradehacked...

    they did not ban them from the game!!

    thats why Kal sucks!

  • mbbladembblade Member Posts: 747
    Well in order to play the game you need to have Active X enabled in your Browser

  • TrunchoTruncho Member Posts: 1

    This game is good to be tested.

    Diferent people, diferent opinions ....

    Cool As Ice!

  • w1ngzer0w1ngzer0 Member Posts: 24

    I'll try this game when i get home or tomorrow. This game drew me in because you can fly around? Sounds cool to me. Hopfully it isn't like every other mmo where you have to buy a horse type thing to fly. I am hoping for a DBZ style of flying.

    I am not a big fan of WoW, so we will see how this game fairs.

  • stepha345stepha345 Member Posts: 12
    cool so xiah was ran by a different company?cool i justed started 3 days ago so i didnt know.
  • RomoAbelRomoAbel Member Posts: 3
    Originally posted by Mixajlo


    i dowloaded last version of Xiah but.... after log on and pressing the start buton, nothings happened!!!

    my question to u is-how to start game?

    ty in advance

    Dude it says in the forums how to fix the start button problem. All you need to do is install Internet Explorer 7 and the start button should work. Thats all u gotta do lol.


  • T2theowlieT2theowlie Member Posts: 14

    Does the gameplay make up for the shit graphics?

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