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New Guild....

imasigimasig Member Posts: 149
Any of the winners from the beta contest want to start a new guild once we get the game?  After all...there is nothing more frightening than a guild of true noobs.  image


  • NeolanceNeolance Member Posts: 44
    I would like to start one.   All I know is that my name in the game will be neolance   so just look for me.  How long does it take for the cd to get to our homes?   This is my first contest that I won through so I have no idea how long it takes. 

  • OminisOminis Member Posts: 1,015
    The CD comes from the Ryzom developer, not, so I don't think anybody knows how long it will take. Also it would be kind of fun to create a guild from the contest winners (by  the way I got in too).

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  • NeolanceNeolance Member Posts: 44
    o ok thanks for the info.   and thaks for replying so fast.  I was reading another forum and it said that there was a downloading thingy.  what is it?  Yea I am still new to this winning thing.  Sorry if I sound stupid.

  • DizTorDedDizTorDed Member Posts: 2

    When you filled out your info, the instructions stated that your information had to be correct for it was to be shipped to you. So I would assume it is a CD and not a download.

    Also, I agree with the idea that a winners guild is in order and would like to be part of it.

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