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why is it bad for lotr that player cant play as evil race

To stop comments  from begining yes i know you will be able to play an orc via monster play BUt...

Here we are talking about playing and developing  an actual evil character ,

if you look back and check all previous mmo games you will see that people like to play evil characters , in EQ2 there are 3 times more peole playing Freeport characters then qeynos ones ..

its about balance and giving people a choice  , and it would have been  cool to be an orc, but also i guess it would have been hard to design  quest s for evil race  , for lotre is based havily on story line of the books wich is focused on fellowship , and all this instances are designed  to take you trought the story ,,, i hope not too  linear

and i can see Turbine easily  intoducing orcs as a race in next ext pack  for people will demand it

ps . this is not meant to be nither positive or negative post , just neutral objective thinking

if you have any comments on this topic i d love to hear it


  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    Maybe you should have titled this Why is it good that players cannot play evil race.

    So that is the direction I will come from. It is good because it enables the PvM. PvM is a wonderful addition in my opinion because it is something new and different instead of the same tired old approach to PvP. As you pointed out if you want the to play evil races there are already plenty of games out there that enable you to do so. Why should Turbine just make another WoW or EQII clone when here they have the chance to do something both new and different and distinguish themselves from the  same old stuff.

    I am really looking forward to the PvM myself, in fact my entire guild is since we will be able to group as monsters. From what I have heard the way Turbine has instigated the instancing is wonderful, much better than WoWs and EQII's. The reward sysstem for playing as a monster sounds really good also. Either save up the points to spend on my main or use them to upgrade to the next level mob :)

    I guess you have already figured out that I for one am glad that LoTRO will not have evil races as permanent characters. Too  many balancing issues for one thing. just look at all the balancing problems various games have went through during the years. I loved DAoC but let's face it they had a horrible time trying to balance that game. Last time I played it still had balance issues even 4 years after release.

    Nope in my opinion Turbine has done things the smart way and offered us something new and different.The easier easier balancing will just be a bonus and let the Devcs concentrate on other aspects such as content. There is no downside whatsoever the way I see it. Not only that but Mythic will be releasing Warhammer late next year and it will offer permenent chartacter RvR style PvP. With PoBS also on the horizon my biggest problem is find ing time to play all three of them. 2007 is going to be a very good year for MMO players I think with all the exciting new options we are getting.

    Nope you can keep playing WoW if all you want is a evil toon, or EQII for that matter. Myself I am ready for the genere to progress some rather than clone the same old game in new graphics. Well Warhammer might just be DAoC in new clothes but irt should still be interesting.

    I miss DAoC

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318
    I like it this way. Bout time a game had it.

  • BerndrBerndr Member Posts: 185

    Its not really new ,DECIFER made lotre a trading card game on line which has the same mechanic and its been out for last 4 years, the idea is the same .. so i would not be surprised if it came from there

    Basically each player have his fellowship and trying to get it trough 9 locations and reach the mount doom first in order to win the game,, but here it comes each of your opponents can play monster cards (orc, goblin, troll etc) in your turn and try to destroy your fellowship particularly Frodo and sam for his is also a ring -bearer

    its good game you might like it

  • RyowulfRyowulf Member UncommonPosts: 664
    They will never have orcs or trolls etc as evil characters and because
    of that mpvp makes a lot of sense. Never will you have an orc and human
    run into each other and be unable to do anything but stare at each
    other or challenge each other to a dual.

  • UglekUglek Member Posts: 22
    While I would have enjoyed being able to play a orc in LOTRO, I think the devs made the correct call on the issue.  It may have made me less likely to play the game long term but the concept is interesting.  Overall LOTRO should be a game worth checking out.
  • FalconoffuryFalconoffury Member Posts: 555
    Why is it bad? The answer is that it is not a bad thing at all. 

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318
    Actually, having playable evil races can very much be a bad thing. Having no evil races is a good thing.

  • evolutionistevolutionist Member Posts: 36

    and that is why they are doing this most of u are right it is just stupid to be playing as an elf walking through the woods and come across another human playing as an orc and not being able to attak them becuz they won't duel you that is retarded because it is sooooo unrealistic. That is a big reason why many ppl do not play many mmorpgs made after real stories.

    Also it would be very odd to start playing LoTRO and arrive in hobbittown to go visit frodo for a friendly chat and possibly a quest and find his house overrun by cave trolls.... It would really ruin the point of making a lord of the rings game with these things.

    Its much better to just become a monster making it more like the real thing in the stories and not ruin the game completely.

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