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Does such a corporation exist?

lowradslowrads Member UncommonPosts: 200
My current alliance is ok, but I am kindof going nowhere with it.  Therefore, I am putting out my feelers to see if there are better options out there.  I have a very specific idea of the kind of corp I am looking for:

-Nobody is allowed to NPC, run missions, or trade commodities.  All such idle members purged weekly.
-No camping POS (unless you have +20 dreads on reserve).
-No blobbing gates generally.  No lagtastic fleet battles.  (Sitting on gates waiting for covops is fine.)
-No patrolling npcing territory unless we have real isk to burn.
-No complexes if avoidable.
-Not a member of an alliance, especially not one with logistical entanglements.  (Alliance clients are fine.)

-The corporation must have a secret sister corp (or two), preferably another mercenary corp that ARE NOT alts.
-Must have a working covops wing in both corps.  I can help, but I can't do it all on my own.  90% of kills should come from covops work.
-Must be unscrupulous.
-Empire or lowsec work preferred, 0.0 if we have moles to keep knocking down the targets. (I can probably provide some of these worthless 0.0 npcers that think I'm their best blue friend, unless I like them.)
-Griefer/profit focused merc ops prefered.  I don't care if they are noobs.  I work to make myself and the client more wealthy, not massage his feelings.
-Each corp must have at least 20 highly active and motivated members = 5 members ready to move out at any given peak time.  25% online/member count ratio during peak times req'd.
-Must be willing to make 100% of income off the labor and exploitation of other people without making a jerk of us all in local or on boards.
-TS or Ventrillo preferred generally.  If used at all, must be used alot.  I don't mind helping pay for a small group server.  Keyword "helping." 

-classic griefer
-"Your mind tricks are useless on me.  I only care about money."
-Covops.  t2 pulse geddon.  prefer t1 cruisers unless we make a lot of money, in which case I switch to cepters or recons, or t2 megas.
-Mostly not a jerk, though my loyalty stops when the isk does.
-I dream of a "philanthropic" corporation that makes a business of coercing carebear corps into targetting and killing other carebear corps in the name of profit.  I envision whole loose trade empires formed on this principle, and general oppression raging throughout nearly every empire and lowsec system in EVE.


  • Rod_BRod_B Member Posts: 203

    Isn't going to work and does indeed not exist at this time.

    Every merc group in Eve, including the most succesfull ones like MC, have to mine/npc/trade/plexwhore on the side to fund their activities. And that is exactly one of the issues with alot of Eve players. They are too stubborn and proud to recognise a big loss heading their way and to buy it off with copious amounts of isk. So in the end all of them end up losing more isk then they needed to, which means mercs miss alot of money.

    What could work however is a simple protection racket in low sec space. Could work is what I said, because it totally depedns on your ability to control an area that is effectivly very hard to control. And most groups that can, don't want to because they can think of better stuff to do.



  • remusus03remusus03 Member UncommonPosts: 88

    I wud say MC , they are as close to get to ur expectations you are looking forward to , but i guess your demands are basically out of line for their requirements they look forward for a recruit.

  • lowradslowrads Member UncommonPosts: 200
    Yeah, I doubt MC wants anyone who isn't willing to grind up 500M isk a month.  Plus there's too many strait fights for my liking.  Plus, I've been on their TS for a number of fights and I wasn't too impressed.  They're just heavy grinders with good tools and the willingness to use them.  Admirable, but nothing shell-shocking.

    I'm wanting to be more empire focused and get out of 0.0 for awhile.  I am also looking for people who have more modest bank balances, yet have access to covops. 

    I don't care if I only just skim by so long as I am primarily extracting my income from other players.  It can be a pleasant extraction or an unpleasant one, I am not very particular.  I don't want to be a pirate because of a fear of reputation, but because having -10 makes all the good targets safespot immediately.

    I would much rather just have a sister corp out spotting war targets (3 at a time, minimum) and getting their covops in place while we dock our own covops and pull out gank cruisers and park on the other side of the gate where they have little or no intel (Post Kali this will be ships with ACs) to land directly on top of the gank.  This is the only kind of isk grinding that interests me.  If we can all save up for recons, swell.

    If it so happens that we can grief a target that somebody else would pay a reasonable fee to see dead, I'm sure that would influence our decision.   Other people have rivals, I guess I would just have to be in the business of pointing them out.  Either way, I'm happy to be an empire myrmidon popping any t2 moving can that concord sanctions.

    Fair fights are just something to do when there's isk to throw around.  I personally don't feel that that is what EVE is all about. 

  • BigDave7481BigDave7481 Member Posts: 298

     Well your more then welcome to apply for PAX Interstellar Services.  We are a corp thats been industrial in the past and now we are Pvp.  We have been fighting a tough war in the south as part of the "coalition" for more then a year and recently pulled out of that.  We are starting anew as a merc corp.  Contracts are few since we are new but we war dec selected corp/alliances to keep the pvp flowing (cant let the guns rust during slow periods).

    We are currently empire and low sec. and plan to stay that way. 

    To address some of your specific points:

    -NO MINING OPS:  You can mine if you want.  Its not manditory.

    -Nobody is allowed to NPC, run missions, or trade commodities:  We will have 0.0 access and we do have a sister industrial corp.  NPC if you want, run missions if you want but when we have contracts or wars you have to be fighting<--is manditory.

    -No camping POS (unless you have +20 dreads on reserve): agreed :)
    -No blobbing gates generally.  No lagtastic fleet battles: We favor roaming.  Camping is boring
    --Not a member of an alliance, especially not one with logistical entanglements: we left past alliance to get away from stuff like this

     -The corporation must have a secret sister corp: Industial atm but not limted to it

     -Must have a working covops wing in both corps:  No covops wing atm but I have plans to put one together.  We do have alot of covop/recon pilots.

    Contact Burzon or Vael Nayan for more info.

  • lowradslowrads Member UncommonPosts: 200
    I guess in a nutshell what I am looking for is an empire piracy corp with the core of the members from NA timezones.

    With Kali, I will be mostly flying a Rupture or a Cyclone/Hurricane if not in my covops Cheetah.  The Drake looks really nice, so I may spec Caldari too.

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